Month: September 2017

NSVO Regional Finals Week 2 Review

With the NGE Shadowverse Open Regional Finals now behind us, Season 2 has come to a close! Congrats to our Season 2 Champions! Don’t forget to stay tuned here for more information on NSVO Season 3! Tournament Results Europe On the EU side of things, our Season 2 Grand Champion is Akamarured! In case you… Read more »

Jaze – Player Interview

With the final week of the Season 2 Regional Finals upon us, we chatted with Jaze who is leading the bracket in the North American Regional Finals! To get started, tell us a little bit about yourself. Jaze – I’m from the US, and I’m 24 years old. My main interests apart from my hobbies… Read more »

JaZe – It’s Like Gold To Me, Control Blood – Deck Analysis

Written by – Aya Senpai Howdy Shadowverse Players! Ever since the start of the NSVO Season 2, there has been one deck I have wanted to see do incredibly well. It’s a deck that I have been playing for such a long time, that has been overlooked due to the metagame being so fast. Ever… Read more »

Fatina – Player Interview

With the first week of the Season 2 Regional Finals behind us, we chatted with Fatina who is leading the bracket in the European Regional Finals! What can you tell us about yourself? Fatina – Let’s see, I’m a French 24-year-old. I just finished a double diploma in Japan. Basically, I have an engineering diploma… Read more »

NSVO Regional Finals Week 1 Review

We are halfway through the NSVO Season 2 Regional Finals! With one week left and only three players per region – we’re coming down to the wire to find our Season 2 Champions! Tournament Results Europe   Our final three European finalists are Fatina, Akamarured, and Essia! North America In North America, Jaze, Gengur, and… Read more »

EU Regional Finals Deck Lists

At long last, it’s time for the NGE Shadowverse Open Season 2 Regional Finals! Check out the decks that our players will use, and tune in live on Twitch as we continue our journey to crown our European Champion! Sizouney – Forest, Rune, Blood Akamarured – Dragon, Haven, Blood Kionys – Dragon, Haven, Rune Sheepy – Dragon,… Read more »

NA Invitational Noah – Tilting at Windmills Dragoncraft Deck Gameplay

Ignideus returns with his final deck analysis of the NSVO Season 2 Invitationals! For this week he’s trying out the Tilting at Windmills Dragoncraft deck that Noah ran in Week 4 of the North American Invitationals! Check out the full decklist, and use it yourself on Shadowverse Portal! Don’t forget to tune into the NSVO Regional… Read more »

Sprayquaza – A Neutral Deck Without Alice – Deck Analysis

Written by – Aya Senpai First, let me start by saying that even though Sprayquaza managed to win with this deck during the NGE Shadowverse open, the forest curse shall remain intact. I stick by my word that forest will NOT win the NGE Shadowverse Open! The curse lives on! Sorry, Rainy 🙁 Howdy Shadowverse Players,… Read more »

NSVO Invitational Week 4 Review

The NSVO Season 2 Invitationals are now behind us! The top six Shadowverse players from both Europe and North America are moving onto the Season 2 Regional Finals. Let’s get caught up! Tournament Results Europe After four long weeks of battling it out, Akamarured, Fatina, Sheepy, Sizouney, Kionys, and Essia are our European finalists! North… Read more »

EU Invitational Week 4 Deck Lists

It’s the final week of the NSVO Invitationals! We’ve compiled of a list of the decks each player will use today in their fight to move on to the Regional Finals! Watch live on Twitch! DIS Sheepy – Forest Rune Haven Lana’thel – Haven Sword Forest HSK Akamarured – Dragon Haven Rune Akai – Rune Shadow Haven Kionys – Rune Haven… Read more »