Month: November 2017

Aya Senpai – Little Soulsquashers Dimensional shift with the Wicked Fairy to visit the Waterwyrm at the Staircase to Paradise – Update Review

Howdy Shadowverse players, Well, I certainly didn’t expect this batch of changes! Cygames continues to throw curve balls our way and of all of the changes this game has experienced throughout my time playing it, these changes are by far the most intriguing of them all. Don’t get me wrong! I was incredibly happy when… Read more »

TheJordude’s Strats – Playing in Closed Deck list Tournaments

TheJordude returns with some new Strats to help you get started in the Shadowverse competitive scene. This time he takes a look at Closed Deck tournaments, and how to best prepare for them, and take advantage of the format in the next tournament you play in. Be sure to check out the full playlist here… Read more »

Aya Senpai – Rotation – What does it mean for the future of Shadowverse?

Howdy Shadowverse players, Thanks to Shadowverse Next a few weeks ago, we now know that Shadowverse will be having rotation! After each new set, the oldest set will be removed from rotation leaving 5 sets in the new standard environment! What I wanted to do today was discuss the impact that rotation is going to… Read more »

Shadowverse Charity Deckstravaganza Results

After our 16 Shadowverse Community Streamers, Artists, Team Captains, and Casters battled it out only one remained! Congratulations to Potwasher for earning a $1,000 donation for the Wikimedia Foundation! Full Charity Prizing Breakdown: 1st –  Potwasher – $1,000 Wikimedia Foundation 2nd – MofuMocha – $500 Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy 3rd/4th – Dork Dragoon – $250 Action Against Hunger… Read more »

Aya Senpai – A look at Tournament Metagaming

Howdy Shadowverse Players! The first few weeks of the Starforged Legends NGE Shadowverse Open Round Robin have been very interesting to watch! We have witnessed a wide variety of decks getting played and seen the crazy comebacks of cards from the past! In this particular article, we will take a look at metagame variance and… Read more »

TheJordude’s Strats – Control Decks In Tournaments

TheJordude is back with even more Strats to help you get started in the Shadowverse competitive scene – this time he takes a look at Control Decks, and how to utilize them to survive the early game, before dominating the late game. Be sure to check out the full playlist here – and tune into… Read more »

Ignideus – NA Invitational JaZe – Neutral Runecraft

For Week 2 of the NGE Shadowverse Open Invitationals, JaZe piloted a Neutral Runecraft deck to maintain his two week win-streak. Ignideus takes a deep dive into the deck, and takes it for a spin on ladder! Check out the full deck list, and try it out yourself on the Shadowverse Portal!

Introducing the Shadowverse Charity Deckstravaganza

We are happy to announce the Shadowverse Charity Deckstravaganza – where your favorite Shadowverse Community Streamers, Artists, Team Captains, and Casters will compete for charity LIVE! Each player will work alongside their communities to pick out their decks, and compete in a single elimination bracket. The top 4 players will get to donate a piece… Read more »

Aya Senpai – Shadowverse Next! Rotation coming at the end of the year!

Howdy Shadowverse Players! It seems that Cygames has gotten in the habit of giving us announcements on a regular basis! Recently, we got the announcement about being able to choose first or second in private matches. But  now, we have even more announcements! Some of these items have been discussed on the NGE Shadowverse Open… Read more »

TheJordude’s Strats – Budget Decks In Tournaments

TheJordude is back again with more insights on getting started in the Shadowverse competitive scene! Be sure to check out the full playlist here – and his latest video on creating and using budget decks in tournaments!