Month: December 2017

Aya Senpai – Man vs Machine ~ The essence of tournament play

Howdy Shadowverse Players, I have had some time to sit and think over the course of the last few days since week one of the NGE Shadowverse Open finals. Throughout the 3 seasons, we have seen some excellent matches between the contestants. (Carepackage vs Botalz still remains one of my favorite matches up of 2017)…. Read more »

NSVO Starforged Legends Final Season Results

After over 10 Weeks of fierce competition the Starforged Legends Season of the NGE Shadowverse Open has come to a close! Congratulations to our new European champion Fatina and the returning North American Champion JaZe who now has maintained his spot for three Seasons in a row! Europe In Europe Akamarured beat OnionSheep in the… Read more »

NSVO Starforged Legends Finals Week 1 Review

With the first week of the NSVO Starforged Legends Finals behind us, only three players remain per-region. Tune in this Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM PST (7 PM CEST) to see our NA and EU champions crowned. Tournament Results Europe On the European side of things Fatina, Onionsheep, and Akamarured remain. In Season 2,… Read more »

Ignideus – EU Invitational Sizouney – PTP Snowman Runecraft

To mark the end of the Starforged Legends Season of the NGE Shadowverse Open, Ignideus┬átakes Sizouney’s PTP Snowman Deck to ladder – watch to see how the deck works, and how Igni did on ladder! Check out the full deck list, and try it out yourself on the Shadowverse Portal!

Aya Senpai – Lessons to Learn from the NGE Shadowverse Open

Howdy Shadowverse Players, We are nearing the end of the Starforged Legends season of the NGE Shadowverse Open! I can only speak for myself but, as a caster, we are often learning new things as much as the players! One thing to remember is that us casters are also players too and I wanted to… Read more »