Month: February 2018

Aya Senpai – I Bring Unto You Serenity: Portalcraft wins!

Howdy Shadowverse players! Something really weird happened this weekend. I…still cannot believe it myself as a matter of fact. Just the very thought of it makes my head spin! Portalcraft won a tournament in the West! I know, I know. I cannot believe it either! I wanted to take the time to look at the… Read more »

Aya Senpai – Living the Dream ~ Playing What You Want!

Howdy Shadowverse players! I’ve been writing about Shadowverse for quite some time now. Actually, today marks the 1 year anniversary of my first article about the game. So with that, I want to address a very important topic for aspiring competitive players. Whenever we watch a tournament, whether it’s a community tournament or the Shadowverse… Read more »