Month: October 2018

Get to know Tiers

Howdy Shadowverse players! You know, across many different games, you might find that people are talking about tiers. How this deck is “tier one” or “top tier”; how a deck can be “overpowered” or “tier 0”. I wanna take a little bit of time to share with you guys what tiers are and how they… Read more »

Wild Card Tournament – SVO PAM, EURO Recap and Contenders cup Preview

The final 8 players in the Contenders Cup have been chosen! Banrigudu and ShadowShadet have earned the last slots in the Contenders Cup in PAM and EURO respectively. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wildcard Tournament to get caught up in time for the Contenders Cup – coming October 13th and 20th! PAM… Read more »

Class Evolution: Swordcraft

Howdy Shadowverse players! The last few weeks, I’ve been writing articles about players and the community but I want to get back to some of the old stuff I used to do. I want to talk a bit about a class that has changed substantially since I started playing Shadowverse; I wanna talk about swordcraft!… Read more »