With the first week of the Season 2 Regional Finals behind us, we chatted with Fatina who is leading the bracket in the European Regional Finals!

What can you tell us about yourself?

Fatina – Let’s see, I’m a French 24-year-old. I just finished a double diploma in Japan. Basically, I have an engineering diploma from France, and a chemical engineering diploma from Japan.

How did you first get into Shadowverse?

Fatina – I was watching a video from HS YouTuber Noxious. He was presenting the game when it was in alpha or beta. I think it was beta, but I don’t remember exactly. I was looking to play it as I’ve loved card games since I was young. I play Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, Duel Master, WIXOSS, and also Hearthstone. I love anime, so the art style of Shadowverse was very appealing. I started playing the game on day 1 because I missed my opportunity to play the beta. I’ve never left since!

Was there a particular moment that you decided to play Shadowverse competitively?

Fatina – A month after the game launched, I found a tournament in a Facebook group. I am a competitive player at heart, so I gave it a shot. I finished 2nd and earned $20! After that, I tracked every opportunity, since I can’t really have fun in a game for a long time if I am not competing.

How did you feel when you qualified for Season 2 of the Shadowverse Open?

Fatina – Relieved. I was preparing for the ExG Grand Prix at the same time, but I didn’t participate¬†in tournaments during the last month because I wasn’t a fan of the TotG meta. So when Wonderland Dreams hit, I decided to try as hard as possible. Finishing 1st in the first qualifier was the best I could have done!

After the first week of the Regional Finals, you’re at the top of the bracket. How do you feel going into the final week of Season 2?

Fatina – I’m in a difficult spot actually. I have a huge advantage being directly in the Grand Finals and having a second chance. However, my style that gave me the advantage during week one is my biggest weakness for week two. Essia and Aka will be able to deal with me. I think it’s far more difficult for me to prepare for my match than it is for them. I’m also quite scared of Essia because if he beats Aka, I’ll have to face him for the sixth time. Three times in the qualifiers, once in the invitationals, and once in the playoffs already. I am 4-1 for now, but I don’t think he will let me beat him again.

How are you preparing for the second week of the Regional Finals?

Fatina – I’ve already talked a lot with Essia about how to deal with Aka. We talk a lot throughout the French community, and everyone is actually very enthusiastic to have two French people in the finals. After that, it’ll be between Essia and me, and I’m still trying to figure out how to deal with it. I feel like I have to prepare for multiple scenarios, and choose my option at the last moment. We already face each other so much that I feel we kinda expect what the other will play.

Let’s talk about the story behind CF?

Fatina – Actually CF was a joke that went way too far. Fenix90 firstly planned to make a tournament outside of ExG with a ton of support with me as a caster. However, for many reasons the project stalled. At the same moment, I began to perform in ExG, and after winning my ExG tournament again Soulek and I decided to create a team with Fenix90 and Roxos. CF was actually the first western team, just after that ExG chose to make a team and compete with us, with many ExG winners. However, the true rivalry was between CF and MS. MS’s manager Red is actually quite the rival and a friend of mine. We trash talk each other a lot and we ended up creating a rivalry between the two teams.

If you win the Regional Finals, do you have any plans for how you want to spend your winnings?

Fatina – Firstly, I will pay a part of the loan I have with my father. The loan is related to what he paid to let me study in Japan. After that, I will use this money to continue playing Shadowverse competitively, and make content without having to work before the Grand Prix. I want to commit to Shadowverse for now, and the money from first place would be a great step for that.

Lastly, did you have any shoutouts you wanted to make?

Fatina – I firstly wanted to make a shoutout to Fenix90 for helping me create Crimson Fencer, and support me since the beginning. I also wanted to make a shoutout to my main manager Aiyi Love to help me revive CF, and to support me today. Next, I wanted to give a shoutout to my teammates and the French community that backs me up, and finally my family that lets me continue my dream in Shadowverse for now.