Akamarured is best known for earning 2nd place in the 2017 Shadowverse World Grand Prix, proving that competitors from the west were ready for the world stage. Now he’s back to earn his spot in the Contenders Cup and make his way into the 2018 Shadowverse World Grand Prix. After winning SVO: BotS EURO Rotation Qualifier II we chatted with him about his recent signing to Panda Global, and the competition so far.

SVO: To get started why don’t you tell us about your journey in SVO: BotS so far.

Akamarured: So far in the BotS season I’ve been finding a lot more success than in previous seasons, having an 8th place on the first week, 6th place on the 2nd week and 1st place at the 3rd week. I’m hoping to continue this consistency and lock my slot at the top 8 for BotS.

SVO: How has being signed onto Panda Global impacted your practice for SVO?

Akamarured: Mostly the practice was impacted by my decision to use the summer as well as the months after it to go full time and have a practice schedule for Shadowverse. Obviously signing onto Panda Global has increased my responsibility and duty to do well and be successful. If anything it gave me the confidence and perseverance to do a good job and be strict.

SVO: That’s great to hear. We’ve also noticed you’ve been streaming a lot more.

Akamarured: Absolutely! Streaming has helped a lot with keeping a regular schedule, to have me compete and not get strained from playing too much Shadowverse. The audience keeps me entertained and engaged instead of having mindless grind and practice.

Something that I lacked while having a professional career was the time to spy the meta and see the popular decks, so I went to some qualifiers blind with no idea about some matchups or even decklists and was caught by surprise. Now that I have the streaming I can scope the field and beat it, which fits my style and is what I’m known for. :smiley:

SVO: Speaking of the competition, do you have any plans to attend the remaining World Circuit events this year?

Akamarured: Yes. Me and Zerofyne will be attending all the World Circuit Events, starting with Singapore at 11th – 12th of August. Later on, we will also join the Montreal Circuit and can’t wait to see all the PAM region players, as well as some loving friends and bros from the HSK group.

SVO: What are you planning to do in order to keep the momentum going in the SVO Unlimited Qualifier this weekend?

Akamarured: I am keeping my regular schedule as well as reading a lot of articles, all the decklists that have won recent tournaments and what people have been saying and their experiences. I like to think of myself as a sponge that absorbs all the information available and comes up with a gameplan efficient vs those strategies. Unfortunately unlimited has such a wide range of archetypes that it has proven hard to predict, but I’ll still try my best.

SVO: Do you have any tips for new players who want to enter the competitive scene?

Akamarured: I think that the best way to get into the competitive scene is to find a friend that can help you along the way or a group of friends. They can motivate you when you are down and celebrate with you when you’re up. The road is hard, and when you walk it together it becomes easier to deal with all the pressure. Perseverance and practice pay off!

Would like to add to pay attention to all the Twitch streamers and Youtube content creators as they help even me to come up with analysis and conclusions, they provide a lot of useful hints and advice on specific archetypes and plays, including myself!

You can find me on twitch at PG Akamarured with a regular schedule of Monday to Friday from 2 pm to 7 pm (Gmt +0).