SVO: What can you tell us about yourself and your involvement in Shadowverse’s competitive scene?

Akamarured: Hi everyone, my name is Akamarured and I am a competitive player for team Hallowed Sky, mostly known as HSK. I have been successful in the past in the EU scene and WGP level and would love to repeat it all again.

SVO: Going back to last year, how would you describe your WGP experience?

Akamarured: My WGP experience was a mark on my life. To begin with, I had never visited Japan and was always interested to know the culture and food. After that the run me and the West scene did there was incredible. Everyone kept cheering for us to do well and it really felt like we were exploring new horizons and left a good mark on it. Every moment and storyline was very emotional and our group was very supporting regardless of EU or NA regions. Finally hanging out with fantastic players from all over the world is just unforgettable and I made some rivals and friends I wish to come back to.

SVO: Speaking of your run – you earned 2nd place in the World Grand Prix and $25,000! How did it feel to perform so well, and what have you done with your winnings?

Akamarured: During the time I was there I wasn’t really thinking about how much earnings or how much of a run I was doing. It only hit me after it all ended because you are in the zone and fully focused and engaged on winning. Now that I look back I still smile of embarrassment when telling people of the feat because it’s just unbelievable!

As for my winnings, I will invest some of it on HSK as a means to improve the quality of our content, invested on making plans for future offline events and mostly saved, boring I know. 🙂

SVO: What kind of content are you and HSK putting out now?

Akamarured: We have been upgrading the quality of our podcast “Shadowcast” and we actually have some surprises reserved soon! So keep that on your radar. We are also constantly pushing different formats for people to enjoy Shadowverse like the Unlimited format and this Friday the 13th we have the Team Format where friends can team up and attempt to earn our prized earnings in open to community events. I try to help cast them everytime I can manage and will do so this Friday. Finally, HSK has an open Discord community where we give advice for any sort of need that one might have.

Going back to your time as a competitor. How did you feel about your performance in the Shadowverse Open: Chronogenesis?

Akamarured: My performance was outclassed by the new talent that Europe had to show, as well as the most experienced veterans. I was feeling very uncomfortable every week and the lack of preparation set me behind the environment. I was very reluctant to adapt to the playing field and the only week I did, I got top 8. It is quite exciting to see new talent emerge like Zerofyne who eliminated me two weeks in a row and to see Himari take it all the way. All I can say is this season my drive and spirit is back in full force as I have two major reasons to succeed again 🙂

SVO: Do you have any advice for new players who want to follow in your footsteps and make it to the WGP?

Akamarured: Work, work, work. You will fail and fail but do not forget that it only takes one chance to be fortunate enough to take it all the way, and you have to be ready for it when that day comes. Other than that play on every opportunity you have, there are a ton of chances to meet new and interesting challenges as well as prizes.

Above all that, just have fun and do your best for I shall do the same from the other side when we meet!

SVO: Lastly, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to make or anything else you want to add?

Akamarured: Big shout outs to the whole HSK group. It’s been a while since I joined and I never forget the chance to mention it because they have all been very important for the hardships and victories.

Secondly, to all my family for the support and love they showed during WGP with a special word for my grandma who passed away before I could tell her about my WGP story, she is one of the major reasons I will try to succeed.

The final shoutout and the 2nd reason for my drive and motivation is the fact that there is an ocean I must see and I’ll do my best for it!

Special thanks to all the behind the scenes SVO people as well as Cygames for all the help during our stay and journey!