For our final interview of the NSVO Invitational, we chatted with Akamarured who has been making waves in the EU Invitationals with his current perfect win record of 4-0!

So to get started, what can you tell us about yourself?

Akamarured – Hello, I’m Marcelo Gonçalves also known as Akamarured in the Shadowverse community. I am 25 years old and I am Portuguese. My current profession is being a math teacher.

How did you first get into Shadowverse?

Akamarured – I first learned of Shadowverse when I saw streamers play it. I used to play Hearthstone and as soon as I noticed Shadowverse’s main mechanics I immediately fell in love with it and moved to it full time. That was one week before the steam release.

Was there a particular moment that you decided to play Shadowverse competitively?

Akamarured – I have tried the competitive scene when I joined Shadowverse and felt I had a decent enough collection to try and build 2 decks. I was not very successful at the time, but 6 months later I saw the announcement of NGE season 2 and I decided to take a shot at the competitive scene once again. I posted on Reddit that I was looking for players to share experiences and deckbuildings with and HSK proposed that I try out. I was successful at joining them and here I am.

You’ve been very successful so far, going undefeated as we head into Week 4. How does it feel going from being new to the scene to the top in such a short time?

Akamarured –  It feels unrealistic! I’m usually humble and I still don’t believe I was able to do something like this. I have people looking up to what I did and that is honestly amazing. I want my example to get more people into competitive SV so that we can grow and have more challengers and more fun games.

Are there any other players you think we should be on the lookout for in Week 4?

Akamarured – I definitely believe we should be on the lookout for players that are duking it out for the 3rd place spot. I believe they will bring the best Shadowverse they can this week and will try their absolute best for that spot. Players like Catch in EU along with PancakeReaper and Botalz on the NA side are, personally, the players I will be paying attention to. Especially because PancakeReaper and Botalz will have a match that can decide the 3rd place or 2nd place spot.

How did you feel about being interviewed for the Mid-Season Special?

Akamarured – I felt it was an honor, being considered one of the best performers at NSVO and to talk to Rainy. I have much respect for him, and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to talk about the new expansion and my performances over the weeks. It was also the first time the community would see and hear from me and that made me a bit nervous but as soon as we started talking it felt very natural.

Speaking of the new expansion, what have your thoughts been on the Starforged Legends trailer and the latest card reveals?

Akamarured – The trailer was absolutely gorgeous. It was very detailed and actually showed a ton of the cards we will most likely see in the expansion. As for the cards revealed I would have to say I like that Cygames is still trying to create new concepts as well as making original texts and effects. Nonetheless, I would like to add that it would make me very excited to see a new game mechanic.

If you end up placing in the regional finals, do you have any plans for how you want to spend your winnings?

Akamarued – I would like to contribute to the SV community by helping finance some future HSK events as well as giving the opportunity for new players to join the SV community and grow it as a whole. As for whatever is left I would save it for personal expenses.

That’s really cool of you to give back to your team like that – how has it been like to be a part of HSK?

Akamarued – To be part of HSK has been an honor honestly. It was the best thing I have done in my entire SV experience. They are a group of people that will always make you laugh and give their honest opinion as well as push you to be the best you can be. I am very thankful for the opportunity they gave me and I would never be where I am without them.

Lastly, do you want to make any shout outs?

Akamarured – I would like to give special shoutouts to my family, in particular, my brother that has been supporting me throughout this entire experience. Also, I would like to thank HSK for everything they have done for me. Special thanks to my friend SpongePedro that has been with me since I started playing Shadowverse and is my number 1 fan, as well as all the other people that cheer me on. Last but not least, special shout out to HSK PancakeReaper. He will have a very hard trial ahead of him this week and I know he will be capable of coming up victorious.

Special thanks to NGE for allowing us to have this beautiful experience and for having the patience and time to hear me out.