Want to know the secret to becoming an SVO Champion? Edge of Paradise Cup West Champion, Hishiro spills the beans in our latest interview! Read on to learn how you can better prepare for SVO!

  1. 1. What was the key to your success during SVO?

Day 1 was on the 14th, and it’s my lucky number! Having the tournament start one hour earlier really helped, as it would usually be 11-12pm by 6-7 in other SVOs and I was too tired to think straight.

I chose Sekka as my third deck (replacing Sword from the Evo Shadow – Spellboost Rune – Rally Sword “Best 3” line up) and queued into a lot of Buff Dragon and Handless Blood during the swiss rounds. Instead of having unfavored matchups had I brought Sword, I had good matchups with my Sekka deck and its ability to heal a lot.I had no difficulty passing my two other decks. 

Additionally, this meta was a lot about matchup knowledge and I think people were less prepared for Sekka as it was a less popular deck.

  1. 2. What are your training/practice methods? How did you prepare?

During the first month, I played on ratings (a 2d0b ladder with a lot of japanese players) to step up my level and see which decks could handle competition. The week before the tournament, I scrimmed in Bo3s with Happu/REV almost daily to confirm my lineup. 

  • 3. Did you study the strategies of any of the players specifically?

I was planning on bringing Sekka. Since TK Sadfeeder placeed 2nd in SEAO SVO, I asked him questions on his ban strategy. He advised me to ban Rune over Shadow, as it was the worst matchup for Sekka. In contrast to his decks, I chose to bring Spellboost over Rally Sword in my line up, as I trusted it more.

I also observed JCG trends through Zhiff’s twitter reports to check popular tournament lists.

  1. 4. What advice do you have for new players who want to compete? 

Take time to study your losses. Watch your replays and see what you could have done differently. Ask yourself if a card is useful in your list. Look at the game flow of each matchup and try to predict your opponent’s next turn. The more you’ll do that, the more you will learn and improve. Having a circle or a team to ask others’ opinions is also great so it does not get stale and keeps it fun. 

Additionally, you can read our guides on Tempo’s website! I have one on tournament formats coming soon!

  • 5. What have been your favorite parts of Edge of Paradise?

The discovery of Flame & Glass Shadow, completely ditching the fusion effect to just reanimate it with Cernunnos was a pretty funny development to me. Also, the story is actually pretty good this time too! It’s like the lyrics of Hotel California!

  • 6. What does this win mean to you and your team (if applicable)?

This is my 4th SVO win, but I am pretty sure it is the first one where I went perfect (not dropping a set even in swiss rounds). It feels good to have it happen once! I was able to stay in the zone for the whole event.

  • 7. What lessons have you learned from the tournament? 

After thinking about it the day after winning, not a lot actually. I prepared the usual way, I listened to the same kind of music, I knew my level of confidence for this tournament. I knew I could do it. It was a matter of not making mistakes the day of the tournament, and getting lucky enough. 

  • 8. What is your favorite card in this meta? Why?

Skeleton Raider. Kirisaku




  • 9. Were there any people who helped you get ready? Anyone you want to shoutout?

Thanks to Happu/REV and TK Sadfeeder for the help on preparation!

Thanks to Team Revelation and to my family for the constant support!

  • 10. Do you create Shadowverse Content?

Yes! I write one article per month on Tempo’s website (deck guides, and some original ones), and I participate in Tempo’s monthly meta snapshot. I also stream on Twitch when I feel like it.

My articles :https://tempostorm.com/user/Hishiro/articles

My Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/hishirosv 

  • 11. What’s next for you?

Doing decent in the next two SVOs, and placing as high as possible in SVO All Stars. I’m really eager to play in another WGP and go back to Japan, but that’s not possible this year… I would like to qualify for the Ratings Cup like Essia did, but it’s a big time investment, so it will depend on my motivation.

  • 12. Anything else you want to share/promote?

I am currently looking for a new video game company to work in as a Game Designer. I have 2-years of experience as a QA Tester, with multiple missions for game design included. If anyone has offers, please DM me

  • 13. Watch Hishiro’s Grand Finals match here:

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