SVO: To get us started, can you tell us about yourself and your involvement in the competitive Shadowverse scene?

AstalosX: I’m a 20-year-old polytechnic graduate from Singapore. I started playing Shadowverse last year after discovering it on Twitch. I have played many other card games before and so I thought that with my past experience, picking it up would be easy. So far I have been joining the SEAO Open tournaments held monthly, as well as a few community cups and the Shadowverse SEA Open at GameStart 2017 last year.

SVO: How does it feel to have won the recent Unlimited Cup as well as leading the pack with all these players trying to overtake you on the leaderboard?

AstalosX: It definitely feels awesome to win, and this being my first time getting first place in a tournament makes it feel all the more better! I wouldn’t expect my lead to maintain so easily as there are many other great players out there in the scene and the players’ standings are actually very close to one another. There is certainly some heat turning up as we are left with one more season of the SEAO Open. Anyone can easily find themselves at the top standings in a matter of time with great and consistent performance.

SVO: Any advice for new players who are just getting into the competitive Shadowverse scene?

AstalosX: Watching tournaments and playing ranked games sometimes give you a hint of the meta which helps you have a better understanding of what to expect when playing in a tournament. Practising the decks you want to bring to the tournament helps in getting yourself familiar with the deck and be confident in what you are playing. It’s really important to understand your matchups well and be aware of your win conditions very clearly.

SVO: Any shoutouts you would like to make?

AstalosX: Thanks to Cygames for this awesome game and to Cygames Esports and the wonderful community for making this possible!

To see the exciting Grand Finals between AstalosX and Crisome, check out the match VOD below!