Author: Aya Senpai

Get to know Tiers

Howdy Shadowverse players! You know, across many different games, you might find that people are talking about tiers. How this deck is “tier one” or “top tier”; how a deck can be “overpowered” or “tier 0”. I wanna take a little bit of time to share with you guys what tiers are and how they… Read more »

Class Evolution: Swordcraft

Howdy Shadowverse players! The last few weeks, I’ve been writing articles about players and the community but I want to get back to some of the old stuff I used to do. I want to talk a bit about a class that has changed substantially since I started playing Shadowverse; I wanna talk about swordcraft!… Read more »

Open Shadowverse Tournaments – Fall 2018

Howdy Shadowverse players! I know people are probably wondering “What’s gonna happen with Shadowverse?” now that the Shadowverse Open seasons are over for the year. I want to talk to you guys about some of the other events that are coming up that you guys will be able to check out within in the community!… Read more »

Let’s Chat Shadowverse World Circuit: Montreal

Howdy Shadowverse players! After a brief hiatus, I’m back baby! I know, I know! You all missed me so much that I just had to bring it back and hook you guys up with a return article! Throughout the course of 2018, it has been a wild ride! Shadowverse and Cygames have been all over… Read more »

Blood on the rise! Vengeance is back!

Howdy Shadowverse Players If you’ve been following my previous articles, you will note that I have somewhat of a thing for bloodcraft. Always have ever since I played control blood for the first time back in Rise of Bahamut (Sheesh, that was such a long time ago!). Since that time in every format, I have… Read more »

The Essence of Decision Fatigue

Howdy Shadowverse Players! I dunno about you guys but I have been playing card games competitively for years. I have been playing them ever since I was 10 years old and I haven’t stopped since! There is nothing I love more than sleeving up a deck in my favorite card game, going to a tournament,… Read more »

Limitless Potential! Let’s talk unlimited!

Howdy Shadowverse players! Recently, I have been playing a substantial amount of unlimited. Most of which was due to the fact that unlimited was the format for the in-game Grand Prix mode. The other was because I was interested to see what the most commonly played decks in unlimited were. I think it goes without… Read more »

Swiss Army Knife – Tactics for Take 2

Howdy Shadowverse players, It’s time for Take 2 in this season of the Shadowverse open! So I want to take some time to talk with you about some tips that can help you along your take 2 journey! 1) Take time to study the available card pool. Cards in Take 2 constantly rotate after a… Read more »

The Art of Proactive vs Reactive Gameplay

Howdy Shadowverse Players! Okay so over this weekend’s Shadowverse Open, we got to see some very long and grindy games get played and I gotta say that one in particular thing impresses me about this new season. During this season, we are seeing plays that we never really saw before in seasons past. Part of… Read more »

Level Up! Stepping up your game!

Howdy Shadowverse Players! We’re back and we have a whole new season of the SVO to go through to see who is going to take the crown this time around! But before we get to that, let’s talk about what it really means to be a competitive player. Recently, I have been seeing a lot… Read more »