Author: Greg Lunt

SVO 2021 Monthly Cup Roundup

Shadowverse Open 2021 is all wrapped-up now and what an epic season it was! The past two weekends in the Shadowverse gave us thrilling matches as competitors gave their best efforts to secure the Championship in the final SVO of 2021. In this roundup, we look at the players moving on to World Grand Prix… Read more »

SVO 2021 August Cup Recap

SVO August Cup was a wild and thrilling ride as the top 8 players of the month put on an incredible showcase of skill under pressure. For the past two weekends, players competed to rack up as many league points as possible to climb the ranks and secure their spot at Contenders Cup. In this… Read more »

SVO 2021 July Recap

The past two weekends in the Shadowverse have been filled with shockingly close match-ups and intense back and forth duels. Just one misplay would have been detrimental to a player’s standings on the leaderboard. With the Contenders Cup only a few months away, July was a crucial month for players looking to qualify. In this… Read more »

SVO 2021 June Cup Recap

Shadowverse players ranging from newcomers to some of the most experienced competitors matched wits for the chance to secure a spot at Contenders Cup. With a lot on the line, duelists from all over the globe brought their best decks and strategies to Shadowverse Open in the WEST and SEAO regions.

#AskShadowverse 5th Anniversary Edition

On June 26, the Shadowverse Open casters, players, teams, as well as Shadowverse content creators, teamed up to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the game. One of the sections in the livestream was #AskShadowverse, where the dev team behind the game answered select questions gathered through the hashtag back in March.  Below are the complete… Read more »

Shadowverse 5th Anniversary Celebration

5 years of epic battles. 5 years with a loving community. 1 epic party to celebrate it all! What an amazing ride it’s been through 5 years in the Shadowverse! Celebrate this major milestone with us at our Shadowverse 5th Anniversary Livestream on June 26th (GMT+8).

Shadowverse 2021 Format Primer

June 2021 Update The dates for the Contenders Cup have been announced! It is as listed below: October 9-10 2021: Contenders Cup SEAO October 16-17 2021: Contenders Cup WEST Furthermore, World Grand Prix 2020 qualifiers are also eligible for participation in this year’s Contenders Cup. However, in the case where a WGP 2020 qualifier wins… Read more »

SVO Day 1 Streamer Guidelines

We have enjoyed watching talented SVO players compete and broadcast their matches for SVO Monthly Cups. To help level up your future livestreams and content we are sharing a few best practices and official assets you can integrate into your Day 1 streams! 

SVO 2021 May Cup Recap

Summer in the Shadowverse is heating up as we get closer and closer to Contender’s Cup! The past two weekends, players from SEAO and WEST regions put on quite the show as they strived to climb up the ranks on the leaderboard. 

SVO 2021 April Cup Recap

After two weekends of epic battles and thrilling finals, the champions have been declared! Congratulations to S;s|GodTemur, our WEST April Cup Champion, and DB meladog, our SEAO April Cup Champion!