Author: HSKs Szerro

The Most Impactful Cards from the Dawnbreak, Nightedge Mini-Expansion

The most impactful cards from the Dawnbreak Nightedge Mini Expansion. The end of Dawnbreak, Nightedge heralds a new era. We recently got a small injection of cards into the format. Early on many of the cards in this mini-expansion were misunderstood. Now that some time has passed I would like to talk about some of… Read more »

Sharpening your blade – How to wield Midrange Sword

Introduction Legend has it there is a blade so powerful it can fell beast and man alike in a single blow. Come take a seat by the fire traveler for I will tell you the tale of that legendary blade. They say it resides somewhere deep in the lands called “Rotation.” Once wielded by the… Read more »