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Shadowverse Open 2020

Wild Card Tournament – SVO PAM, EURO Recap and Contenders cup Preview

The final 8 players in the Contenders Cup have been chosen! Banrigudu and ShadowShadet have earned the last slots in the Contenders Cup in PAM and EURO respectively. Here’s everything you need to know about the Wildcard Tournament to get caught up in time for the Contenders Cup – coming October 13th and 20th! PAM… Read more »

Regional Finals – SVO: Brigade of the Sky PAM, EURO recap

That’s a wrap for the SVO: Brigade of the Sky Finals! Both Potwasher and Hshrio have earned their spots in the Contenders Cup in October! With the Wild Card Tournament coming up next week, your last chance to get into the Contenders Cup and compete for the $1,000,000 World Grand Prix first place prize is quickly… Read more »

Regional Playoffs – SVO: Brigade of the Sky PAM, EURO recap

The first week of the SVO: Brigade of the Sky Playoffs have wrapped up – and now only six players are left in the running for a piece of the $16,000 prize pool and the Contenders Cup slot. We’ll find out who gets that slot in the Regional Finals next weekend, but in the meantime… Read more »

Rotation Qualifier III – SVO: Brigade of the Sky PAM, EURO recap

The qualifier portion of the Shadowverse Open: Brigade of the Sky has wrapped up! Thank you to everyone who participated and earned the exclusive SVO:BotS emblem. But that’s not all for the season – we had an exciting final qualifier, and the regional finals coming September 15th. Stay tuned for more information on the Mid Season Special… Read more »

Sheepy – Player Interview – SVO: BotS EURO Unlimited Qualifier Winner

The SVO: Dawnbreak, Nightedge European Champion Sheepy is back – earning first place in the SVO: Brigade of the Sky Unlimited qualifier and a shot at qualifying for the Regional Finals again! SVO: For those of you who don’t know you what can you tell us about yourself? Sheepy: Hi, I am OnionSheep from Austria and I play… Read more »

Unlimited Qualifier – SVO: Brigade of the Sky PAM, EURO recap

The fourth qualifier of the Brigade of the Sky season of SVO has wrapped up – meaning there is just one more qualifier left before the Regional Finals! Don’t forget, just by competing you’ll earn the exclusive in-game emblem. For now, let’s recap how the Unlimited qualifier went last weekend! PAM In PAM we saw Tempo Storm… Read more »

Rotation Qualifier II – SVO: Brigade of the Sky PAM, EURO recap

With over three qualifiers now behind us, some players have solidified their leads as they try to earn a spot in the Regional Finals. There are still two more qualifiers still ahead of us, giving anyone a chance to compete and earn their own spot in the Regional Finals. PAM In PAM, Crumsion continues to dominate… Read more »