Howdy Shadowverse Players!

The first few weeks of the Starforged Legends NGE Shadowverse Open Round Robin have been very interesting to watch! We have witnessed a wide variety of decks getting played and seen the crazy comebacks of cards from the past! In this particular article, we will take a look at metagame variance and how it directly affects the NGE Shadowverse Open!

Metagame: A strategy or action that extends outside of a particular rule set that shapes the way a game is played. A state that revolves around information presented outside of a preset state of circumstances.

How does this apply to the players in the NGE Shadowverse Open? More often than not, there is a belief that players are playing mindless decks to hopefully gain an advantage over their opponents. This actually is very difficult to achieve in a tournament setting because at least a few players will be prepared for this possibility that people are going to bring a very powerful deck. So those players decide to bring control decks to the tournament to counteract the aggro decks. They are using information gained outside of the game to help inform their decisions inside of the game.

Akamarured once said that it is difficult to prepare for new players because you have never seen them before. With the way that the NGE Shadowverse open is set up, his analysis is spot on. Once you get to the round robin phases, you have such limited information on your potential opponents because you only were able to watch them for a few games from the qualifier weeks. The veterans have videos from previous tournaments that new players can watch to gain information on them. Against newer players however, the veteran is going in blind and the information he has gained about the players is limited at best.

CpV Fantasy is a good example of a player using knowledge that people have gained about him against them. Fantasy in this past week in the round robin deviated from his already established aggro mindset and opted to play a very awkward line up (for him anyway) playing Burn Rune / Midrange Shadow / Midrange Sword (With otohime!) In many tournaments past, Fantasy is known for playing very aggressive line ups, but last week, he changed it up a bit and the change up ultimately lead to him going 2-0 in the round robin!

It is very important to understand that literally any bit of information about your opponent can be used against them. Does your opponent have a history of banning D-Shift from their opponents line ups? Play a line up against them that is favorable to you even if they decide to ban that deck. So on and so forth. There is nothing guaranteed about metagaming however. I guess in a way, one could define metagaming as “educated guesses”. Taking information gained and coming to a conclusion based on that information. Your opponent might not behave in the manner that you expect and that could lead to you putting yourself in an unfavorable position!

Final thoughts

Metagaming is a very important part of being a tournament professional. Just ask players such as MS JaZe or HSK Akamarured! Watch and listen to their advice on how they approach tournaments and hopefully you can glean some new information that will allow you to step up your game and even possibly take one of those 2 on! Until next time!