Howdy Shadowverse players,

So many things have happened with Shadowverse in the last couple of months! There’s the World Grand Prix and announcements of offline events!  If you missed that, you can find the information here.

But what I really wanted to talk to you guys about is what impact Dawnbreak, Nightedge will have on Shadowverse. Not all of the changes are going to be readily apparent to everyone but I want to take the time to go over some of them!

  1. Quintessential staples are going away!

I don’t even know where to begin! So many key cards that we are accustomed to seeing and playing with will be rotating out. Let’s go over a few of them below:

Forestcraft: Crystalia Lily / White Wolf of Eldwood / Selwyn’s Command

Swordcraft: Jeno, Levin Vanguard / Fangblade Slayer / Albert, Levin Saber

Runecraft: Piercing Rune / Daria, Dimensional Witch / Ogler, Blade Mage / Professor of Taboos / Dwarf Alchemist

Dragoncraft: Breath of the Salamander / Draconic Fervor

Shadowcraft: Lurching Corpse / Attendant of Night / Underworld Watchman Khawy / Necroassassin

Bloodcraft: Yurius, Levin Duke / Hungering Horde / Veight, Vampire Noble / Bloodhungry Matriarch

Havencraft: Ancient Lion Spirit / Tribunal of Good and Evil / Frog Cleric

Neutral: Bahamut / Sahaquiel / Lyrial, Celestial Archer / Angel of the Word / Gourmet Emperor Khaiza / Goblin Mage / Hamsa (Poor Hamsa) / Fortune Hunter Feena

All of the mention cards (Yes, even Hamsa) have seen some level of competitive play! With many of these cards leaving the format, it will be hard to imagine a world without these cards.

During the last rotation, I said that the addition of Portalcraft along with Standard and Darkness Evolved leaving the format, would change the very foundation of Shadowverse. While this is true, rotation format in many ways didn’t feel too much different than unlimited previously was because people fell back on old strategies to run the show. Now, that will definitely be far from the case because of Rise of Bahamut leaving and Dawnbreak, Nightedge coming in!

  1. Introduction to a new mechanic!

We have been clamoring for a new mechanic for a while now! Well, we finally got one! The “Choose” mechanic is definitely a game changer because it’s something that players have actually been asking for; the ability to make harder decisions in game. Well, with many of the new cards having this mechanic, I have no doubt that people are going to be making a lot more choices not only in game, but in their deck building too!

  1. Unlimited format just got some new toys.

While unlimited format will probably still be, as eXodium says “The wild west of Shadowverse”, giving that format new cards also creates new potential for crazy decks in this format too.

  1. More impactful decision making.

One of the general beliefs about Shadowverse is that “there isn’t really anything to learn anymore”. In some cases, it’s true. Many of the cards that we were playing with we had been playing with for some time now. But now, with many of those cards being gone, we now have to make different choices and that will change the way we see the game as a whole. I, for one, welcome this change for making things a little less predictable.

Final thoughts

Dawnbreak, Nightedge is the change to Shadowverse that we have been waiting for. Cygames is definitely trying to show the players of this game that they are willing to switch things up and this, to be quite honest, is one of the biggest changes the game has seen in a really long time. Good on you Cygames! Until Next time!