Howdy Shadowverse Players!

We’re back with another article to help you along the way in your Shadowverse journey. Today, I want to tell you how to build a deck! The advice I give here will be pretty general, so you will be able to apply it to every deck that you build! For the sake of this article, we will also be using the Unlimited format.

  1. Figure out your play style

In most CCG’s, there are several different styles of play. I will go over 3 of them here:

  • Aggro: Aggro decks depend highly on attacking your opponent as quickly and as fast as possible. (Example: Aggro Blood / Aggro Sword)
    • They tend to have lower curves ending at around 5 to 6 PP at the most.
  • Combo: Combo decks rely on a certain set up to win the game. They tend to be weak against aggro decks but very strong vs control decks. (Example: Dragonewt OTK, Dimension Shift)
  • Control: Control decks are designed to manipulate the flow of the game to a much slower pace and drain the resources. Primarily, they win using a really massive and hard to beat win condition (Example: Aegis Haven, Control Blood)

For the sake of this article, we are going to select an aggro deck because it is the simplest deck to make!

  1. Choosing your class

Now that we have decided that we are going to build an aggro deck, let’s pick which class allows us to do this the best. Of the 8 classes in Shadowverse, Forestcraft, Bloodcraft, and Swordcraft are all great classes to build your aggro deck. So of these classes, we will narrow it down to the simplest and that will be Sword!

  1. Picking your win condition / Maximum PP usage

In Unlimited format, Aggro Sword has access to some very powerful Storm followers. This will enable us to finish the game as quickly as possible because we will be looking to come in swinging! Let’s look at a few of our storm options.

  • 1PP
    • – Quickblader
  • 2PP
    • – Centaur Vanguard
  • 3PP
    • – Novice Trooper
    • – Princess Juliet
  • 4PP
    • – None
  • 5PP
    • – Albert, Levin Saber
  • 6PP
    • – Alwida’s Command

With just these cards, we have a substantial number of storm cards! Which helps lead us to our primary win condition.

  1. Filling out the curve / Synergy

With our aggressive deck, we need to figure out how we are going to fill out the rest of the deck. We primarily want to place cards into the deck that allows us to continue playing even if we don’t get our primary win condition. So let’s take a look at a few of our options.

  • 1PP
    • – Perseus
    • – Goblin
    • – Vanguard

These allow us to have early game plays despite not being able to play our storm followers.

  • 2PP
    • – Bladed Hedgehog
    • – Princess Vanguard
    • – Palace Fencer

These will allow us to make our cards more powerful.

  • 3PP
    • – Pompus Princess

This will allow us to fill the board with additional followers making it harder for our opponent to deal with it.

Using this methodology, you should be able to reasonably build an Aggro sword deck! While building the deck, please remember the following.

  1. Building the deck is not the same as playing it. After building your deck, you will definitely need to playtest your deck to make sure that it functions correctly!
  2. If your deck doesn’t work, pay very close attention to what it seemed to be weak to and adjust your deck from there. Sometimes your deck just needs to be tweaked a little to work optimally.
  3. Experiment! Don’t be afraid to try an off the wall card that is different than what someone else might run. It could be the trick to making your deck work!

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, with this article, you now understand the basics of deck building. This wouldn’t give you all of the detail needed in order to build every single deck, but what it will do is give you a basic guideline of what to look for when building your next deck! Until next time!