Howdy Shadowverse players!

Something really weird happened this weekend. I…still cannot believe it myself as a matter of fact. Just the very thought of it makes my head spin! Portalcraft won a tournament in the West! I know, I know. I cannot believe it either! I wanted to take the time to look at the winning Portalcraft deck and see what we can glean from it

SVO Week 5 Winner EU: Praetorian – Get The Deck


I won’t lie to you guys; I am incredibly surprised that Portalcraft came out on top. It has a limited card pool and the deck is quite difficult to play! But that just speaks to the skills of Praetorian! He brought a deck that not only he understood, but that his opponent probably didn’t. The deck was even banned out at least once that we know of, but in each of the matches that we saw of it, he crushed it!

Card Choices

As stated above, Portalcraft has a very limited card pool. So it is not like he had a ton of options to work from. However, here are some of the decisions in his deck building I find really interesting.

  • Little access to Radiant Artifacts
    • Usually, when people play Portalcraft, they have cards that have the ability to get Radiant Artifacts in some way. Not this deck! The only card that can “possibly” put radiant artifacts into the deck is Mech Wing Swordsman and that card isn’t even promised to give it to you. Since there are no Ironforged Fighters in this deck, it’s very reliant on winning through Safira, Synthetic Beast.
  • Constructed to last
    • This deck went the distance multiple times in very long games. Safira gives you a powerful endgame that allows you to finish your opponent with big swings. So in the meantime, you can use your artifacts to help defend you and trade into your opponent’s board.
  • Deus Ex Machina is the real deal
    • We all knew that when the card came out, it was going to be a pretty incredible card but we had very little context as to how powerful the card would actually be. Turns out, the card is actually even more incredible if you know how to properly manipulate your resonance. Most of the time, we saw Praetorian do this to near perfection each time he was able to get it online. This was probably the most impressive part of his play with Portalcraft over the weekend.
  • Acceleratium is BONKERS!
    • Okay, we already knew that the card was good. But Praetorian used this card to near perfection. Many of his games were won due to the correct usage of this card and Deus ex Machina. Being able to give rush to your analyzing artifacts to trade / clear board and draw cards is how this deck wins games! Acceleratium makes that possible.

Match Ups

Portalcraft has some very interesting matchups. I never really gave them much thought until after this weekend but after really thinking about it, Portalcraft has some very decent match ups!

Aggro / Midrange Sword
Midrange Shadowcraft

Daria Runecraft (this one is a bit iffy but it is definitely winnable)
Control Havencraft

Burn Runecraft
Ramp Dragoncraft

Final thoughts

It’s funny, just last week, I wrote an article about how people should bring whatever they want to a tournament and enjoy themselves. Then boom! Praetorian comes up and does it with Portalcraft. Color me impressed! He’s a player that has been around in past seasons but never really found his footing. It’s great to see that he has and I look forward to seeing what else he brings to the table. If you haven’t had the chance to look at the matches from this weekend for the SVO, keep an eye out on YouTube to check it out! Until next time!