Howdy Shadowverse players!

I wanted to take the time to go over something intriguing that happened during the second NA qualifier for this season’s NGE Shadowverse Open. As a caster, I got to cast something quite amazing and I wanted to share my thoughts here about it!

No, this isn’t a joke or a ruse. This is the bracket that we ended up with at the end of week 2 of NA. Do you see how many Team DIS players were there? 6 out of the 8 players were from team Disastra! In the many months the NGE Shadowverse Open has taken place, this has never happened before! Let’s talk about why this took place!

Break Down

Their deck lineups were specifically designed to fight the existing aggro sword threat.

As we already know, Aggro sword is one of the most played and hard to beat decks. If you look at the lineup that each of the Disastra players brought, they all brought their own variation of Midrange sword (slight variations but still a little different) that was meant to beat aggro sword.

They also brought other decks that were capable of fighting aggro sword as well such as Burn Rune and Neutral Forest. Not to mention, the other match ups that this deck had to fight were very manageable matches except for one…(see No.2)

  1. They automatically banned out Prime Dragon Keeper.

While I cannot say for what they did before they all reached the top 8, during the top 8, they did not allow a single prime dragon keeper deck to be played! It was banned in 100% of the top 8 matches! Midrange Sword, Neutral Forest, and Burn Rune all have questionable match ups against PDK. So they decided “You know what? I’m not dealing with that, I will take my chances with the other decks that people are playing and automatically ban PDK. Which obviously was the right strategy considering the result!

  1. They did A LOT of Playtesting before hand.

Team Disastra runs regular weekly tournaments they call “Monkey of the Week”. In this and with individual playtesting, they were able to learn and figure out ways to fight the existing metagame. If you are interested in checking out their team, and tournaments you can check out their Discord here!

What does this tell us about the state of the current tournament metagame?

  1. The tournament metagame is very different from the one on the ladder!
    1. Aggro sword is considered by many to be a Tier 1 deck on the ladder. So naturally a lot of people bring it to tournaments. However, if this week proved anything, it is that Aggro sword might not actually be one of the best decks to bring to a tournament environment.
    2. Decks like Midrange Sword / PTP Forest / Midrange Shadow (Good job Eplicas by the way on the win!) are all solid picks for the tournament meta. On ladder, these decks seem to suffer quite a bit so they don’t see as much play because of Prime Dragon Keeper.
  2. Prime Dragon Keeper is definitely the best deck in the game.
    1. Although the deck has many different configurations, there is one primary constant. It is that the deck is incredibly oppressive and people would rather flat out ban it than build a strategy around beating it.
    2. The reason why players decided not to build around beating PDK was due to the fact that if you do, you end up making a lot of other match ups worse. DIS must have realized this and decided to just get rid of it every time they saw it.

Final thoughts

In the event that you are considering getting involved with the competitive scene, please take a look at this team as an example. We have seen many teams perform well in the NGE Shadowverse open, but none of which were so lopsided as DIS was over the course of the last NA qualifier. Realize that there may be answers out there and you haven’t found them yet and that a slight change in thinking can make all the difference!

I want to give a personal shout out to DIS for coming in full force this week! I look forward to seeing what they bring to the future of the NGE Shadowverse Open! Until Next time!