Howdy Shadowverse players,

Well, I certainly didn’t expect this batch of changes! Cygames continues to throw curve balls our way and of all of the changes this game has experienced throughout my time playing it, these changes are by far the most intriguing of them all. Don’t get me wrong! I was incredibly happy when Grimnir, War Cyclone was changed a while ago and that still remains my favorite change to Shadowverse thus far, but these changes are probably some of the most game changing that the game has experienced.

If you are not familiar with the changes that have taken place, be sure to read about it here.

Change #1

Dimension Shift costs 20 now instead of 18

Often times, when people ask me about cost changes, I usually reply with “1 is a very large number.” Well, Dimension Shift now follows the “2 is even larger” number rule. This change is probably my second favorite change on this list.

Dimension Shift in the last couple of months has been essentially running roughshod over the ladder. Often on a regular basis, dimension shift would achieve its combo win condition on turn 7 due Magic Owl. With this change, it makes it where turn 7 dimension shift is not so likely on turn 7. This means that midrange decks have a much better matchup against it and it will also have to work much harder to win vs Aggro decks than before. One final thought though. I am very glad they did not nerf magic owl and hit dimension shift instead.

Change #2

Sybil of the Waterwyrm is a 3/4 instead of a 4/5

Better late than never! Sybil is still an incredible card with amazing abilities but now her stats have been altered. This change is good because now, Sibyl is easier to deal with through trading into it or removal spells that couldn’t deal with it before like Venomous Bite or Diabolic Drain. Although the card has been changed a bit, this card will remain a staple in Dragon decks for a really long time.

Change #3

Little Soulsquasher is a 2/1 instead of a 2/2

Well, this change caught me off guard. I was totally not expecting this change and to be completely honest, I am not certain as to why it needed to be changed. The adjustment does make it a pretty poor aggro choice and it also might limit the number of it people play in their decks. However, I feel that this card will still see a ton of play because although its stats were adjusted, its effect remains fully intact and should not be underestimated.

Change #4

Carabosse, Wicked Fairy is a 5/5 instead of a 6/6

Hmm. This change was interesting but I can certainly understand the reasoning behind it. Carabosse does a lot for her playpoint value and her stats certainly contributed to that. Even with these changes, Aggro blood will continue to play Carabosse though because it is still a strong game finisher and a 5/5 for 6 is nothing to scoff at. It is still going to be quite difficult to trade into.

Change #5

Staircase to Paradise costs 2 instead of 1 and its countdown is now 6 instead of 7.

FINALLY! Thank you Cygames for making this change in particular! This is the EXACT change that I wanted since it was realized how powerful this card was. Opponents jamming down turn 3 Lord Atomy’s and being rewarded for doing so with 3 cards on top of their draw was miserable to fight against. Let’s not even go back to when PDK wasn’t changed yet and how much suffering you had to endure for clearing your opponent’s board.

While this was a card that I hated (Surprisingly more than Grimnir) I couldn’t be happier with this change. I am certain the card will still see some play as the second mode of this card was completely unaffected by the change. However, it does make it much harder for this card to be played on curve because now you have to play it on 2 instead of 1 and it now competes with other powerful 2 drop cards in the game. Will this deter people from playing this card? I suppose we will see in the near future.

Final Thoughts

Personally, my design philosophy is to make changes when they are needed vs doing so each time the opportunity presents. Cygames has a different vision in that they are doing their absolute best to make sure that the game remains on an even playing field. Many times, I have thought that they were not going to do something and then they ended up doing it anyway. Because of this, it’s incredibly obvious to me that Cygames really cares about the health of their game and is willing to do whatever is needed to make sure that it stays healthy.

Until next time!