Howdy Shadowverse players,

Thanks to Shadowverse Next a few weeks ago, we now know that Shadowverse will be having rotation! After each new set, the oldest set will be removed from rotation leaving 5 sets in the new standard environment! What I wanted to do today was discuss the impact that rotation is going to have on the game as we know it!

Standard and Darkness Evolved have some of the most important cards in Shadowverse; cards that have been staples since their release, but many of them will be going away… Let’s talk about a few of them.

Ancient Elf
Nature’s Guidance
Fairy Circle

Many Forestcraft decks have focused around these cards, because many of the forest decks that were played were some form of roach combo. With each of these cards gone, forest is going to have to find a new identity. While people will still be able to play these cards in unlimited, forest in the new standard environment will no longer be primarily focused on roach anymore.

Veteran Lancer
Whole-Souled Swing
Novice Trooper

Unlike Forestcraft, Swordcraft isn’t going to change very much. Many of the cards on this list have some sort of replacement card that have come out in later sets. You still have access to Jeno, Blitz Lancer, Albert, Levin Saber (Jump for joy Swordcraft players! He will be around after rotation still!) and Quick Blacker (because he is a basic and those are not rotating out.)

That of course isn’t say that sword doesn’t lose some valuable commodities. Losing Veteran lancer and novice trooper are pretty big blows as they tend to be staples in many of the swords decks. Whole Souled Swing also being one of swords staples is being removed as well. While we do have Shield of Flame as sort of a replacement as a removal card, it doesn’t produce a body like Whole Souled Swing does and I think that effect will be missed.

TImeworn Mage Levi
Dimension Shift
Kaleidoscopic Glow
Scrap-iron Smelter

Talk about taking some losses! Rune is taking a major hit due to rotation! Dirt rune is losing Scrap iron Smelter; which ends up being a staple in pretty much every earth rite deck. Earth Rite also loses Red-Hot Ritual, Price of Magic and Calamitous Curse just to name a few.

As a whole, Losing Timeworn Mage Levi is going to dramatically affect Runecraft because there is no card that replaces just how valuable this card is. There was a time where hearing “I’m just a mage who is as old as dirt” literally instilled salt into the soul of many shadowverse players. While that might not be the case now, there will be a lot of people (myself included) that will be incredibly happy to see this card go! Crumble to dust old man…

Kaleidoscopic Glow and Dimension Shift are by far the biggest hits the the class as with the removal of Dimension Shift literally removes a deck from the class entirely. For so long, dimension shift has been the absolute bane of many players and now, we won’t have to deal with it for much longer! No more will we have to listen to daria show us some real magic! Rotation cannot come fast enough!

Aiela Dragon Knight
Ivory Dragon
Genesis Dragon
Dark Dragoon Forte

Although these hits are pretty big hits, I don’t feel that dragon loses too much. The lose of Forte and Genesis dragon does hurt Dragons end game a little bit. However, the biggest lost to dragon in my opinion is Aiela Dragon knight as it has been one of the classes more important ramp cards since its creation.

Phantom Howl
Bone Chimera
Mordecai The Duelist

Man! Talk about some serious blows! Shadowcraft loses some heavy hitters because of rotation. Mordecai being gone means that Nephthys is going to have to do something completely different unless they make a different card in the new set. Cerberus and Phantom howl going away hurts aggressive Shadowcraft strategies and Bone chimera is just a staple that has been seeing play since its creation. With all of these cards gone, it certainly makes me wonder what exactly is going to happen to this class after these cards are gone from the card pool!

Righteous Devil
Blood Wolf
Vania, Vampire Princess

Control Blood takes some massive hits after the rotation that I couldn’t possibly name all of the cards and keep this article to a reasonable length. Losing Righteous Devil and Revelation literally kills Control Blood as we know it and we don’t currently have cards in the pool that replace this powerhouses.

Aggro Blood is not left unscathed by this either. They lose Blood Wolf, Ambling Wraith, Vania, Vampire Princess, Summon Blood Kin. Night Horde (We would be here all day with me naming all of these cards) and several other cards that helped that deck be the powerhouse that it was.

Themis Decree
Beastcall Aria
Winged Sentinel Garuda

Like Blood, Haven also loses many powerful control options. Themis’s Decree is a major blow to the class as it was a very powerful board wipe. One of the best things about haven was it’s ability to keep a board clear of threats to help set up for its powerful late game. Unfortunately though, that task has become much more difficult without the ability to use Themis’s Decree.

However, I think the biggest losses for Haven is going to be Beastcall Aria and Winged Sentinel Garuda. Ever since its release, it has been a staple in nearly every form of havencraft deck. Garuda, while not in every haven build, is certainly a card that has been used to great effect in aggressive / tempo oriented strategies.

Final Thoughts

That was a lot of changes – and I didn’t even cover all of the cards that are leaving the rotation! Personally, I am very excited by the idea of playing a completely new and dynamic format with ideas that may not have been explored before for any number of reasons. Bring it on Cygames! Until next time!