Howdy Shadowverse Players!

It seems that Cygames has gotten in the habit of giving us announcements on a regular basis! Recently, we got the announcement about being able to choose first or second in private matches. But  now, we have even more announcements! Some of these items have been discussed on the NGE Shadowverse Open but I want to talk specifically about rotation!

What is rotation?

Rotation in a nutshell is where older cards are cycled out of the game and are then replaced with newer sets. There are 3 main points to rotation.

  1. Help new players get into the game because there will be fewer cards they would need to aquire.
    1. There will be 5 total sets in the rotation format at anytime.
  2. Keep the game changing, encouraging new strategies to emerge while not allowing players to fall back onto old strategies. In addition to this, it allows for different official tournament formats (which is incredibly important to me.)

One of the main issues that Shadowverse has had is that there was no rotation. Obviously, there was no way a rotation could realistically happen before because there just wasn’t enough cards in the pool. The community consensus was that we needed a rotation to keep the game fresh, and that is exactly what we are getting! To be completely honest with you, this could have been the only announcement they made the morning of Shadowverse Next and I would have been happy!

How does this affect competitive play?

As a matter of fact, this can have a profound effect on competitive play. Now there could be potentially 2 different supported formats for tournaments allowing players to have the choice of being able to be competitive in both! With the recent release of the tournament prize support coming back, people will have more ways to play the game and earn rewards for their time!

I attempted to do this a little while ago with my Dream League but that was not an in game function so it made it difficult to do things in an official capacity. Personally, I am happy this change was announced so that players have more options!

Since they are also entertaining the idea of a ban and restricted list for the unlimited format, this also means that once cards are rotated out of the active standard environment, they will not be left in the dust and unusable! This also means that players can take those cards and opt to vial them in order to keep up with the rotation as well!

Another very important point about rotation is that both formats will be done for tournament play! So if players want to continue to play in that environment, they are well and able to do so! They will be (hopefully) equally supported formats!

What’s NEXT?

I think that after this set of announcements, it is safe to say that Cygames has been listening to the Asian and NA/EU communities alike. It might not happen as fast as we would like but this is a very welcome change to Shadowverse. If I were to ask a few questions in regards to rotation, it would be the following:

  1. How would pack distribution work?
  2. Would players still be able to get cards from older packs when they start playing the game?
  3. When will tournaments begin using the Rotation format?

I suppose these questions can and will be answered in time. For now, let’s just enjoy the torrent of new information headed our way! The future’s looking bright my friends! Until NEXT time!