Howdy Shadowverse Players!

Since it’s almost the time of month where maintenance is done to the game, we’ve got a bit of a surprise coming up! Unlike the usual balance changes, this upade is set to make an impact on the overall landscape of competitive Shadowverse play!

– Players who start a private match can now choose whether to play first or second

Complete changelog can be found here

Yes, It has finally happened! The Shadowverse Developers have heard our prayers and now we can choose who can go first or second in private matches! You may be wondering why I am so excited about this. Let’s get right into it.

  1. You can prepare for tournaments more effectively.

One of the major issues with testing for a tournament before was that you were locked into whichever side you were forced into by the game. You had no choice as to whether or not you would go first or second so it made testing your tournament deck less effective because you had to play more games with no certainty of which you would be. This is no longer the case. You can now choose the decks that you want to play on which side with your partner / teammate and have a more targeted approach to certain matchups by being able to more accurately test!

Since the NGE Shadowverse Open is an open deck format, players can even better prepare for their opponents by understanding how their deck performs under varying but more controlled conditions!

  1. Tournament game structure will change drastically.

In many different games, the losing player of the first set usually gets to choose whether or not they could go first or second. Based on how it is done in other games, one would assume that the tournament structure would allow the loser of the first game to choose who goes first or second. The only problem that exists in this regard is how the First / Second player will be chosen for the first game…

  1. The game can randomly select who goes first or second for the first game.
    1. A. This would still leave the first game to random chance as to who goes first or second. It would be less messy to organize but could lead to complaints about unfairness of the random function with this feature being added to the game.
  2. The Players would use some sort of random outside of the game element to decide who would go first.
    1. A. This is usually done in person but it would be much harder to do online due to the impersonal nature of it. Not to mention, it would be incredibly difficult to keep track of for the tournament organizer.
    2. B. This isn’t too different from A because it would still be randomly chosen. The only difference is that it would be chosen by the players vs being chosen by the game.

If it were me, I would probably stick to A. It would be less messy and still presents an option for the losing player to make the choice.

  1. Increased layer of tournament strategy.

Sort of building off of No.2, A whole new dimension gets added to shadowverse competitive play with this inclusion. There are many strategies people could use to help increase their chances of victory. A player could lose an unfavorable matchup on purpose and then choose to go first with a more favorable match up. Since the opponent would have won with the other deck, they no longer have that as a viable option and you got to choose the order of play because you lost your last game!

Final Thoughts

We are now headed into the NGE Shadowverse Open Contenders Cup and The Round Robin stages of the event. With this new change taking place mid-season, it will certainly be interesting to see how the meta-game will change because of this new right to choose! This is an incredible change to the game and i for one cannot wait to see what happens! Until next time!