Howdy Shadowverse Players

If you’ve been following my previous articles, you will note that I have somewhat of a thing for bloodcraft. Always have ever since I played control blood for the first time back in Rise of Bahamut (Sheesh, that was such a long time ago!). Since that time in every format, I have played some measure of blood in some form whether it be Aggro, Control or Vengeance despite its tier placement because I simply love the class and all that it offers. It has been some time since bloodcraft has had the chance to shine in the Rotation format without having to use neutral cards but that time has changed and Vengeance bloodcraft is on the rise once again!

The Decklist

General Overview

Vengeance bloodcraft is a deck that is capable of explosive moves while still maintaining a midrange style of play. Through cards such as Dark General, Vania, Nightshade Vampire and Emerelda, Demonic officer, you can begin storming your opponents down for chunks of damage!

Card Choices

Belphegor: One of my favorite 2 cards in Shadowverse, Belphegor offers this deck something very powerful. Outside of it being able to draw you cards, it will also force you into vengeance in the event that you aren’t already in it. This can be a double-edged sword so you do have to be careful about how you play her. However, many decks have a difficult time dealing with a 4/4 for 4 PP on curve without having to burn an evolution point on it!

Waltz, King of Wolves: New to the game due to Dawnbreak Nightedge’s Mini expansion release, this fellow has given the deck new life! Being able to give you blood moon without actually putting blood moon into your deck makes deck building a lot easier. Not only that, but should you somehow managed to keep him into play, playing the blood moon will actually evolve him on the following turn!

Something I have done with this card is play spiderweb imp curving into this card and if your opponent is unable to use removal behind it or trade into it, you can do a ton of damage to them! Not to mention set up your Dark Air Jammers and other vengeance reliant cards.

Reach of the Archdemon: You might wonder why this card is in the deck. Well, random internet reader, the reason for it being in the deck is because there are a lot of boards you cannot deal with should you get a bad draw. Aggro forest, which has come into prominence recently certainly causes this deck some issues as well as PDK. These decks like making wide boards that without this card, you wouldn’t be able to deal with. Due to this fact, we run some of these so we are able to still play proactively (if we are in vengeance) while still wiping most if not all of their board.

Match ups ~ This is according to my experience with the deck. If a matchup is not presented here, then it is due to the fact that I have not played against that much on the ladder.

Summit Havencraft
Tenko Shrine Havencraft
Midrange Shadowcraft
Ramp Dragoncraft (Lindwurm / Jerva)
Chimera Runecraft

PDK Dragoncraft
Artifact Portalcraft (After further testing, this matchup could actually be favored for you)

Aggro Forest
Dirt/Burn Runecraft
Midrange Forestcraft

Final Thoughts

Vengeance bloodcraft is a deck that has been around for quite some time. I highly encourage you to go out there and play this deck on the ladder if you have access to the cards because it is quite strong right now! Not only that, but it also happens to be one of my favorite decks in the game so if for nothing else, you probably should play it for that reason! Until next time….