Today we spoke with Botalz who is competing in the North American NSVO Invitationals. Botalz currently plays for CpV, and will be competing again this Sunday in Week 2 of the NSVO Invitationals!

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Botalz – I’m 23, from Vietnam. I’m an international student, and I went semi-pro in League of Legends back in Season 3.

What made you transition over to Shadowverse?

Botalz – I’m older now and not as good, League requires a lot of dedication and hard work to stay in top form. The meta changes constantly – you adapt or die. I didn’t adapt and fell off, plus school.

Was there a certain point where you realized you wanted to get into the competitive Shadowverse scene or was that always the case?

Botalz – I try to be competitive in every game I play. Shadowverse was a special case. When I started Shadowverse was just a time waster. Initially, I thought that I couldn’t be competitive at card games without dumping some Bens. Turns out the game was so generous, that I could afford to get a decent deck. Plus my favorite archetype is Combo Control – Seraph fits the bill quite well since I play Combo Control in Magic: The Gathering.

Speaking of Seraph, your first game in Week 1 was a crazy roller coaster! How do you feel about your performance so far?

Botalz – A tad poor. I messed up my ban phase because I made a poor read in the Dirt Rune matchup. My plan was to beat both MidShadow and Ramp Dragon, should’ve left both open.

Who do you think we should be looking for going into next week?

Botalz – DIS Underwear and DIS Sheepy. DIS as a team has been working quite hard, and Underwear and Sheepy are their newest members. CpV and DIS are quite close, so I know them well. I think we were initially brother/sister teams.

If you place in the Regional Finals, what are you going to spend your winnings on?

Botalz – A motorbike! I’ve always loved to have one.

Lastly, did you want to make any shout outs?

Botalz – To my teammates who helped me throughout the tournament with play testing and deck building.