Written by – Aya Senpai

Howdy Shadowverse players!

I’m back with a pretty sweet deck I wanted to go over with everyone! This deck was piloted by Catch in Week 1 of the EU NSVO Invitational. Get the deck here!

While casting this match, I said I thought it was Control Blood because of how the match was playing out. It turns out that this is a mid range style list. Let’s break it down.

General Game Plan

At first glance, this deck looks rather aggressive. It has strong cards such as Ambling Wraith Blood Wolf and Yurius, Levin Duke. Around the 4 PP (Play Point) mark however, the deck takes a very sharp turn in a different direction. It still runs the standard Big Knuckle Bodyguard but then you see Wardrobe Raider.

  • Wardrobe Raider (4PP) 3/4 – 4/5 – Evolve: Deal 2 Damage to an Enemy follower. Then Gain 2 HP

Wardrobe Raider is a card that is generally used to fight off aggressive decks when going second. If you are going first, you will probably be using Big Knuckle Bodyguard to help fend off against aggressive strategies, since he doesn’t require an evolution point in order to destroy something.

The most notable things about this deck though are Catch’s endgame options. He is opting to use what I will call the Bandersnatch package. Bandersnatch is not a card that we see a ton of in competitive play, primarily due to no one really knowing where it goes. In this deck, the card serves 2 distinct functions.

  • On turn 5: It can be used to trade with a troublesome enemy follower.
  • On turn 7: It can be used to trade into a follower to help set up for a game win.
    • Bandersnatch has a last word effect when he is enhanced. At the beginning of your next turn, you can summon one of the highest cost cards in your hand. Because of this, the Primary Targets with Bandersnatch is going to be Soul Dominator and Spawn of the Abyss.

Ever since the balance changes that took place a few weeks ago, Spawn of the Abyss has been missing in action. Many people have opted not to run him anymore because he is not as consistent as he once was. However, in this list Spawn of the Abyss is one of the decks primary win conditions!


  • Going First
    • Ambling Wraith
    • Any 2 PP followers
      • Priority: Blood Wolf -> Yurius, Levin Duke -> Unicorn Dancer Unica -> Baphomet
    • Veight, Vampire Noble or Succubus
    • Big Knuckle Body Guard
    • Scarlet Sabruer (There are some matchups where you want to have access to this card)
  • Going Second
    • Ambling Wraith
    • Any 2PP Followers
      • Priority: Unicorn Dancer Unica or  Blood Wolf ->  Yurius, Levin Duke -> Baphomet
    • Succubus or Veight Vampire Noble
    • Wardrobe Raider

Video Example

Final Thoughts

It was pretty sweet to see this deck in action, and I felt grateful to get to watch this match. There has been such a wide variety of creative decks in Season 2, that I’m looking forward to seeing what decks the rest of the Season will bring! Until next time!

Aya Senpai is the founder of The Shadow Nexus, and is a caster for Season 2 of the NGE Shadowverse Open. If you want to reach out to him, you can find him on Twitter or on The Shadow Nexus Discord.