Today we had a chat with Catch – who is making waves in the European NSVO Invitationals. Catch is currently in second place in his group with a 2-1 match score heading into Week 3. Be sure to tune in for Week 3 of the EU Invitationals, and to see if he can topple Sizouney!

What can you tell us about yourself?

Catch – I’ll start with the typical stuff, I’m 23 and live in Berlin Germany. At the moment I’m studying politics and economics.

Do you have a specific career you’re working towards?

Catch – It’s only a path at the moment – I’m fascinated by how our society works. I have a feeling the knowledge that I have access to at the moment really helps me prepare for tasks I might have in the future.

How did you first get into Shadowverse?

Catch – I was unsatisfied with Hearthstone overall, but I like playing card games, so I looked for an alternative. A streamer who normally played Hearthstone played Shadowverse, so I got in touch with it. It didn’t take much time before I decided to give Shadowverse a shot, and because it’s action-packed and has great artworks, I decided to play it in the long term.

Did you have a moment you decided to play Shadowverse competitively?

Catch – Yes, once I checked my Steam account I saw that I had already dedicated like 280 hours into the game. I decided to do something “more” useful with this experience and started looking for tournaments. The announcement of NSVO Season 2 went live around this time. I signed up for the event and started preparing.

How did you feel when you first qualified for the invitationals?

Catch – I was really thrilled that I actually made it. It is the biggest competitive event I’ve participated in so far, and I got the 4th spot in the qualifier – so it was really close.

How do you think being on camera has affected your gameplay – do you feel nervous, or are you focused on the game?

Catch – I felt nervous even the second time. But I don’t think it’s affected my gameplay – there is just a lot more for me to learn overall.

Heading into Week 3 you’ve performed very well. How do you feel about your matches so far?

Catch – I’m really happy that I got two wins so far, that’s already a great result for me. I really try to prepare myself for every match, but in the end, there are a lot of really strong player competing, so I hope that I will have the luck that is needed to have a chance!

Having lost only to Sizouney, are you doing anything to prepare for facing off against him?

Catch – Yes, all his decks were using many 1/1 followers, so I tried to tech cards in my deck that enable me to deal with those or to choose decks that can apply enough pressure anyways. Unfortunately, he and his decks were just too strong.

If you place in the regional finals, do you have any plans for how you want to spend your winnings?

Catch – I have plans to move in with my girlfriend, so I would save it up for the move.

Lastly, do you want to make any shoutouts?

Catch – I want to say thanks to everybody who supports me, and especially those who have been patient with me playing so much Shadowverse at the moment.