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An Interview With Aritakun, Edge of Paradise Cup Champion

Dive into the mind of SEAO Edge of Paraise Cup Champion, Aritakun/Rev! Read on to learn about their experience competing in SVO and what they did to earn the trophy! 1. What was the key to success during SVO? Going into this tournament, due to some circumstances I actually didn’t get much practice in, so… Read more »

SVO Community Support Program

What is the SVO Community Support Program? The SVO Community Support Program aims to encourage the content creators that support our community. Content creators are the backbone for a thriving and engaging Shadowverse community, and we want to recognize their efforts as much as we can. How does the support system work? After making Shadowverse… Read more »

SVO 2021 August Cup Recap

SVO August Cup was a wild and thrilling ride as the top 8 players of the month put on an incredible showcase of skill under pressure. For the past two weekends, players competed to rack up as many league points as possible to climb the ranks and secure their spot at Contenders Cup. In this… Read more »

August Cup SEAO

Shadowverse Open 2020