Howdy Shadowverse players!

The last few weeks, I’ve been writing articles about players and the community but I want to get back to some of the old stuff I used to do. I want to talk a bit about a class that has changed substantially since I started playing Shadowverse; I wanna talk about swordcraft!

General Statement

Anyone who has known me throughout my time of playing Shadowverse knows I’m not the biggest fan of swordcraft. I have often thought it to be a class with a very linear focus. I started playing swordcraft when the most feared thing someone could do was Albert, Levin Saber on turn 9 and storm the opponent into oblivion. To me, that wasn’t the most exciting example of interesting gameplay.

Transitions of swordcraft

  • Darkness Evolved
    • Sea Queen Otohime + Sage Commander: This was the signature win condition for the deck during the time. Outside of Themis’s decree and Revelation, it was very difficult to deal with this boardstate. You play Otohime on turn 6 and hope your opponent doesn’t have a board wipe, then you play Sage Commander and buff your entire board. You would be surprised at how effective this was.
  • Rise of Bahamut
    • Albert, Levin Saber: If you knew how much I never wanted to hear “Sky Knights, Prepare for battle” when I was playing control blood. It would be so frustrating to think, “He has an evo point and if he plays Albert, I’m dead”. That lasted for so long that I was super happy when albert finally left rotation format 3 months after its initial introduction.

To me, the above wasn’t particularly engaging for me. I like my decks to have some heavy thought behind them and at that particular time, it didn’t feel like I needed to have that extra layer of strategy playing Swordcraft. However, recently…that has changed.

  • Omen of the Ten: Loot! Loot! And more Loot! I said during a stream that I wasn’t even aware that I wanted this from swordcraft but the cards from this set have seriously changed swordcraft for me. I have been having a blast with playing the new Usurpation cards as to me, they are the most interesting thing to come out of swordcraft in a really long time! I am playing sort of a “Control Sword” decklist right now and it feels so good to play with atm.
    • Apostle of Usurpation is by far my favorite card of this set! Not only because the evolved form of him looks like Urias, but because he has an ability I didn’t even know I wanted swordcraft to have. A board clear that can even win games with the additional chip that he does.

Final thoughts

As I said before, swordcraft has always been one of those meh classes for me but with the new cards from Omen of the Ten have given swordcraft a new life, added more layers to the class and overall has made it much more interesting to play. While I cannot say for certain if I am a “fan” of swordcraft, I can definitely say…I’m not bored! Until next time!