Longtime SVO viewers will remember Cure Mango as a top player in Season 1 and 2. To mark his return, Cure Mango took first place in the PAM Take Two qualifier last weekend!

SVO: For people who don’t know, what can you tell us about yourself?

Cure Mango: I’m Cure Mango a Shadowverse Streamer since the game came out. I also have a youtube channel that I upload to semi-frequently. I love being part of the Shadowverse community and helping out new players.

SVO: What can you tell us about your history in competitive Shadowverse?

Cure Mango: I came the first in the first ever NGE weekly. Made top 12 in season 2. I’m only a semi-competitive player and haven’t joined every season of NGE/SVO. This time around I feel like I want to make more effort again and will try to be at Dream Hack Montreal.

SVO: What made you want to start competing again?

Cure Mango: The SVO is very easy to sign up to and I thought I’d try my luck again. Some of my viewers were asking about me being competitive again as well. Anyone who is even a bit interested in playing should join in my opinion. Who knows what could happen.

SVO: What can you tell us about your finals match against Crumsion? Were you nervous going against PAM’s leading point earner so far?

Cure Mango: Always a bit nervous playing against anyone in the top 8. I feel like I’m strong drafter and player, but a part of the game is luck so that’s why I get nervous. I’m not totally comfortable with drafting Forest, but I know it is a powerful choice compared to Blood and Shadow (My other Choices).

The first game was a heartbreaker for since I knew I would win unless Crumsion had Tail Swipe or Divine Retribution. Sadly for me, he had the Swipe. But in games 2 and 3 I was able to draft Portal which I am very comfortable with.
SVO: Do you think you’ll still be able to perform well in the Rotation qualifier this weekend – given that drafting isn’t as crucial to performing well?
Cure Mango: Rotation, in my opinion, is a percentage game. Going first gives you better chances of winning, same with getting the right matchup and opening hand since this can lead to quick KOs due to constructed decks having lots of Storm.
Take 2 games tend to have a much wider array of options which makes decisions more difficult. Rotation decks are very refined with very clear options. I feel like if I can survive the early game when I’m on the back foot in a rotation game I can outplay some players when decisions become harder to make, but that isn’t always the case. Just got to cross my fingers and get a bit lucky next week.

SVO: What is your strategy to keep the momentum going and get into the Regional Finals?

Cure Mango: A positive attitude, lots of rest and research on strategy. I think if you’re not having fun what’s the point. I enjoy talking about the about the game, watching videos and reading articles so it’s not really work for me just a hobby.

SVO: Do you have any tips for new players who want to enter the competitive Shadowverse space?

Cure Mango: Watch streamers and ask a lot of questions. I know a lot of players have different opinions and strategy so it’s better to watch more than just one. I feel like the reason I do good in take 2 is because I have to go through every card for my reviews. Knowing all the cards even the bad ones is very important for that format.

SVO: Lastly, do you have any shoutouts you’d like to make or plug your stream?

Cure Mango:  Shoutouts to all more viewers and supporters especially my Twitch subscribers and the Shadowverse streaming community which is very friendly and supporting. You can catch my stream at https://www.twitch.tv/cure_mango/ normally starting around 8pm et. Also, you can follow my Twitter for updates on my streaming schedule @Cure_Mango and checkout my Youtube https://www.youtube.com/c/CureMango . Visit my Discord at https://discord.gg/Cure-MangoThanks very much for the support and I’ll try my best for the rest of the season!