Howdy Shadowverse Players,

We’re back at it here at the NGE Shadowverse Open, and we have a new meta game upon us! Gone are the days of “Lands of Wonders and Lands of Marvels”! Let’s take a look at one of the meta giants right now in Aggro Sword!

Pros and Cons

Plays amazingly on curve
Capable of pushing damage starting turn 1
Has many cards it can draw to finish the game when the opponent’s HP is low.
Incredible value cards in Council of Card Knights, Alwida’s Command, and Round Table Assembly.

Going second can be a little difficult (although this deck is fully capable of winning the game from this position)
Can run out of gas very quickly
Runs very limited/no removal cards
Does not handle big threats well (Usually doesn’t need to because they will almost always be hitting you in the face)

Cards to watch out for when fighting Aggro Sword

Ephemera, Angelic Slacker: A very major pain in the…you know the rest. Ephemera adds so much damage to the deck that it’s incredibly difficult to deal with. This is made worse by the fact that the card has Ambush, so it can sit directly in your face and there is almost nothing you can do about it save for random destruction effects.

Round Table Assembly: Being able to pull 2 Juliet’s from the deck is one of the scariest things that can happen to you in a game. In combination with an Ephemera in play, you can do upwards of 9 damage! (With an Evo point and the Ephemera attacking as well) But even without that, it still boasts considerable damage!

Teching your deck to beat Aggro Sword

With the right draws, aggro sword can beat pretty much any deck because it is so explosive. However, there are several things you can do to fight off the menace!

Wards: Ward is a mechanic that hasn’t really been used much in the past due to the last meta game being a lot slower than it is now. With Aggro sword being able to start pushing damage as early as turn 1, wards can be really effective to fight against it! Many aggro sword decks do not have dedicated removal outside of using an evolution point on a council of card knights. Because of this, the value of wards has increased dramatically.

Healing: Being able to keep your life total up against aggro sword is pretty good because it can make it harder for them to kill you.

Cheap Removal: Cheap removal is very good against a deck like aggro sword to keep the board clear. This is usually better if you end up going second against the deck.

Board Clears: Keeping the board clean can be helpful especially in the early game.l Unfortunately, it can be hard to be in the beginning because there aren’t many good early board clears.

Tips for fighting Aggro sword

Learn to trade! This is imperative if you are going to be fighting this match up! If you are the second player, you can’t even think about not trading with this deck.

Save nothing! Make sure to use every available resource you have to deal with each piece of the opposing players board. It can be hard to keep damage off of you but you have to keep the board clear.

Keep track of the potential damage you could take on any given turn. This will help you understand what your opponent could do to kill you. You have to keep in mind that the deck has a lot of storm damage which means that the damage on the board is not representative of the potential damage they can deal from their hand.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this will help you understand how to fight aggro sword a bit better! Whether it be on the ladder or in tournament, you will be seeing this deck so it’s always best to make sure you are well prepared for what awaits! Until next time!

Aya Senpai is the founder of The Shadow Nexus, and is a caster for Season 2 of the NGE Shadowverse Open. If you want to reach out to him, you can find him on Twitter or on The Shadow Nexus Discord.