SVO: To get us started, can you tell us about yourself and your involvement in the competitive Shadowverse scene?

Glow: I’m a 16-year-old student from Jakarta, Indonesia. I started playing Shadowverse when I saw my friend playing an “anime” card game that caught my interest. Shadowverse is my first CCG so I wasn’t experienced with any of the mechanics and making good decisions every turn when I started out.

Eventually, I got to find out about the SEAO Open and thought that I’d give it a shot. I wasn’t very optimistic about it, thinking that I’d probably get knocked out in the first round, but instead I made it all the way to the Grand Finals. That lucky break really gave me a lot more motivation and so I kept competing in more tournaments. Since then, I’ve made several podium finishes, managing second place once and third place twice during SEAO Chronogenesis Open.

I have also gotten more involved with community tournaments that I can join when I’m free for practice and I also do some casting for my team’s weekly tournament, Team Revelation’s Seekers of Mysteries.

SVO: Speaking of Team Revelation, could you share with us more about how you got involved with the team

Glow: I was already considering joining a team for some time when I started to play more competitively. I even made a team named Glow’s Dream Team which only consisted of myself for a while, but eventually, I got introduced to Team Revelation and we got along well. We talk a lot about deck lineups and tech choices and I also get help from my fellow teammates with deck building and advice about which special tech cards should be included. We also have a regular team practice session with each other to test our lineups for the tournaments.

SVO: Currently, you are tied in second place along with your fellow teammate Maosama in the overall standings. Do the two of you have any special rivalry going on?

Glow: We’re both competitive and even though we both want to do well, as fellow teammates we still are very open with each other and we share our list and ideas with each other frequently.

SVO: With more rising stars that are slowly closing the gap onto you. How do you handle that pressure and are there any change-up in terms of preparation from the Chronogenesis season?

Glow: There is definitely a lot of pressure going on, especially having to juggle with my final exams in school as well as competitive Shadowverse. The meta for Dawnbreak Nightedge was pretty volatile and it did affect my performance in the past two cups.

There are also players to keep a look out for such as BMA who’s still in the lead right now. MS Riripwn is also another very consistent player that still give me nightmares. Especially the Haunted House lethal that he pulled on me during the Chronogenesis Unlimited Cup. Not forgetting Popo, who’s the new face in the Dawnbreak Nightedge season and have been taking down the existing leaders to slow down their lead by a huge amount.

Now that my final exams are over, I can give it my all once again and I am going to try to perform to the best of my ability to maintain my lead on the overall leaderboard and qualify for contenders.

SVO: Aside from qualifying via the top seeding of the overall standings, there’s also the Shadowverse World Circuit Singapore that’s coming up pretty soon. Will you be making any plans for it and is there anything that you are looking forward to?

Glow: I’ll definitely want to keep my lead on the overstanding as much as possible as insurance and I’ll also be able to raise some money to travel to Singapore if I do well in the upcoming Dawnbreak Nightedge Unlimited Cup. I’ll also be planning to participate as well in the Shadowverse World Circuit Singapore to secure a spot for contenders there as well since it’s good to always have some backup plan. Since the majority of SEAO division from Team Revelation are from Singapore, I’m also looking forward to meeting them. I think having to be in the crowd and reacting with other players when watching someone play live is something fun as well!

SVO: Any advice for new players who are just getting into the competitive Shadowverse scene?

Glow: Don’t overexert yourself and keep calm, especially with all the tournament pressure. It’s important to keep your cool and focus on the game in its present time and not get emotionally affected if there was a misplay made earlier.

SVO: Any shoutouts you would like to make?

Glow: I would like to thank Team Revelation for their great support! Remember to join the Seekers of Mystery tournament or catch the stream as well! Lastly to my good friend who actually introduced me to Shadowverse even though he isn’t competing in it right now, but if not for him, I wouldn’t be here right now.