Written by – Aya Senpai

Howdy Shadowverse Players!

Ever since the start of the NSVO Season 2, there has been one deck I have wanted to see do incredibly well. It’s a deck that I have been playing for such a long time, that has been overlooked due to the metagame being so fast. Ever since the last patch update, that is no longer the case and this deck is primed and ready to perform in current metagame! Get the deck here!


Very conservative with evolution points if played well
Very strong against early game aggression
Powerful midgame options to keep you alive


Takes an incredibly long time to win the game
High tendency of bricking due to the large number of high-cost cards
Matchups can be quite polarizing.  (The deck is best suited for tournament play where you know you are able to select what you are going to fight against)
Requires a lot of practice to understand properly

General Gameplan

Control Blood is a deck that has a very simple task. Keep your opponent limited on options and keep your life total high. Although the premise of the deck is simple, the decision-making, of course, is far from being so.

In the early game, you have cards like Hungering Horde and Vampiric Kiss to keep your opponents follower count low. As this deck is quite follower light in the early game, you will have to rely on your spells to keep you safe. You do have access to Baphomet but due to it being a 2/1, it can be used as a way of establishing some form of tempo in the event that you do not have access to early game removal.

Blood moon is quite possibly the most important card in the deck! You generally want to get this down whenever you can so you can start taking advantage of the vengeance effects of your cards such as:

Belphegor: Primary source of card draw in the deck (Blood pact is there as well)
Diabolic Drain: Being in vengeance makes this cost 1
Righteous Devil: Being in vengeance gives you Bane and Drain
Emerelda, Demonic Officer: Gains storm while in vengeance
Revelation: Costs 4 when you are in vengeance

Each of the above cards serve a very vital function in Control Blood success. Make sure to take advantage of everything they have to offer! Scarlet Sabruer is a very strong midgame option as well to help keep your life total up. Thanks to Bane, she puts up a threat your opponent must deal with.

In the late game, you have some very interesting heavy hitters. Spawn of the Abyss along with Azazel and Temptress Vampire can actually help close out games that drag on for too long. And if those weren’t enough, you have access to the almighty world destroyer himself, Bahamut. He’s ready to destroy cards and take names (although he probably won’t actually be taking any names…)


Mulligans for Control Blood are dependant on match ups. It is very important for you to experiment with your mulligans while you are practicing this deck. I will be giving general mulligans for the sake of time and complexity.

Going First
Belphegor R: If you have Blood Moon / Diabolic Drain)
Blood Moon
Revelation: Only if you have blood moon
Diabolic Drain: If you have blood moon
Scarlet Sabruer: Depends on matchup

Going Second
Vampiric Kiss
Hungering Horde
Blood Moon : This can be a little sketchy depending on how fast of a start your opponent has
Diabolic Drain: If you have blood moon
Righteous Devil: Can be mulliganed but keep if you have blood moon
Revelation: Same as above

Video Example

This is one of the longest games of Shadowverse I have ever seen! It also qualifies as one of the absolute best matches that has been played on the NGE Shadowverse Open – it’s a real nail-biter!

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Final Thoughts

Control Blood is a very draining deck to play. That is a very literal statement because the deck is aimed to literally drain you out of resources. JaZe did a remarkable job showcasing this deck to the Shadowverse world this past weekend and I for one appreciate the match that he and Lest had! I hope to see even more matches like that in the coming days! Until next time!