Today we caught up with Kionys, who is currently competing in the European NSVO Invitationals. Make sure to watch week 4 of the Invitationals to see if Kionys can make his way to the Regional Finals!

To get us started, what can you tell us about yourself?

Kionys – I’m Nicolas Bui, I’m Vietnamese, and I was born in France. I’m 21, and I graduated from school last year in the catering field.

Do you work in the catering industry currently?

Kionys – I’m currently taking a break, I’ve been working in a kitchen for 5 years alternating with my studies. It’s a really tiring job, both physically and mentally.

How did you first get into Shadowverse?

Kionys – It was a friend of mine who introduced me to the game, describing it as “Hearthstone for weebs” haha.

What drew you into the game, and kept you coming back?

Kionys – At first it was because some of my favorite Japanese voice actors voiced some cards. Then the art and the game mechanics made me enjoy the game a lot.

What made you decide to play Shadowverse competitively?

Kionys – I think I just wanted to see how far my knowledge of the game would get me.

How did you feel when you first qualified for the NSVO Season 2 Invitationals?

Kionys – I’m not the type to rejoice until the very end, so all I was thinking was, “How should I prepare for the next phase.”

Do you think being on camera has impacted your gameplay – do you feel nervous or are you focused on the game?

Kionys – Not at all, I was totally ignoring the camera and playing like I’m used to. It was funny to appear on stream actually. During the first three weeks of the Invitationals, I was actually traveling in Japan so the background would change every week.

What were you doing out in Japan?

Kionys – It wasn’t my first trip so mostly otaku things I guess, like Comiket 92 from the 11th to 13th. The first week I remember playing my match and leaving right away from the first train at 4:00 AM to line up at the site for the 3rd day. For reference 10:00 AM PDT was 2:00 AM the next day for me. Animelo Summer Live which was from the 25th to the 27th, here I also played my match and left to line up early not to miss the concerts the next day. Otherwise, I went to visit some friends who live there, do some shopping and ate a lot. Well typical things you would do on a trip, I was staying in Tokyo at different places.

Heading into Week 4, you’re in the precarious spot of being right in the middle of your group. What are you doing to prepare to make sure you make it to the regional finals?

Kionys – With the recent nerfs, I feel like it’s a bit of a coin flip since the meta will change. So I guess practicing more than I did before, now that I got home, and above all make a better reading of my opponent than I did last week.

Are there any players that you think we should be on the look out as we head into Week 4?

Kionys – Me, as I qualify for the next phase!

If you place in the regional finals, do you have plans for how you want to spend your winnings?

Kionys – A spark in Granblue Fantasy and maybe the remaining winnings will go to my next trip to Japan!

Did you want to make any shout outs?

Kionys – To my friend who introduced me to the game, Ndoumz: Thank you for the camera and the cash-prize.