This time we caught up with Lest, the Season 1 MVP who has been dominating his group in the North American NSVO Invitationals. Make sure to watch week 4 of the Invitationals to see if Lest can close out the phase undefeated.

What can you tell us about yourself?

Lest – I’m lest, the MVP from Season One. I’m twenty years old and grew up in the Bay Area. I’ve been playing Shadowverse since around August of last year, and before that, the only other card games I played were Hearthstone and Yu-Gi-Oh. I first got into playing when I saw one of my friends playing a deck with the card Dimension Shift, as the card’s design seemed so bold compared to that of other card games I had experience in and I could tell the game would be fun.

So Dimension Shift got you hooked on Shadowverse?

Lest – It made me interested in the rest of the game yes, as I wanted to see what other kinds of unique and interesting mechanics the game had and I was not disappointed by cards released shortly later on, such as Enstatued Seraph.

Was there a specific moment where you decided that you wanted to play Shadowverse competitively?

Lest – During the Rise of Bahamut expansion, I began to play the game a lot more, and my deck of choice in that expansion was OTK Roach. I felt that the deck helped me learn much more on what mentality to have when playing Shadowverse, as games where I barely eked out a win were quite common and they were often down to the smallest choices. ┬áIn the next expansion, I became more confident in my play and when I saw the posting for the NSVO I decided to sign up. In fact, it was the first tournament I ever played in.

How did you feel when you were invited to the invitationals as the Season 1 MVP?

Lest – It was a pleasant surprise; before I found out that I would be invited, I was worried about qualifying for the next season due to how little chances there were (3 weeks instead of ten). However I am overjoyed that I am able to compete again against some of the best players in our region and to have another chance to put on a strong showing.

It seems like you have been putting on a very strong showing. Going into the final week of Invitationals, you’re one of only three other players in either region who remain undefeated. How do you feel heading into Week 4?

Lest – I feel great about my scoreline, however, I do not feel much more confident than before the Round Robin began. For the past weeks, many of my matches had come down to the wire, and rewatching the matches I did make some misplays. I am hoping that I will be able to refine my play more so I make fewer misplays in the coming weeks. I however am excited about how the meta will change once again before Week 4, and I’m hoping that I will be able to pilot perhaps more unorthodox decks.

How do you think being on camera has affected your gameplay – do you feel nervous, or are you focused on the game?

Lest – Being on camera doesn’t really affect my gameplay, I’m used to it since in the past I attended the Puzzle & Dragons International Championship where I competed live in a convention center with thousands of people in it. The most concerned I get about being on camera during the game is my internet being laggy and pixelating my face haha.

Are there any players that you think we should look out for going into Week 4?

Lest – I feel that Botalz should always be a player to watch. He definitely is not afraid of playing unorthodox decks, as shown by his Dread-Shift deck he played against me last week.

Who do you think will be the six players in the regional finals?

Lest – I’d say from Group A: Gengur, Cure Mango, JaZe and from Group B: Me, Botalz, and Care.

When you place in the regional finals, do you have any plans for how you want to spend your winnings?

Lest – Hmmm it depends on how far into the regional finals I get. If I get first, I’ll probably get a corgi for my girlfriend haha… But besides that perhaps save it for new computer parts or traveling.

Do you want to make any shout outs?

Lest – I’d like to give shoutouts to Sleet (SleetedRain on Twitch) for being one of the friends that got me into Shadowverse, for being one of the smartest players I have encountered, and someone I can go to for advice about the game. Nanjiroh for always supporting me and looking over my decks last season, and my girlfriend Nancy for supporting me when I play and giving me her thoughts about my gameplay and deck choices.