SVO: To get us started, can you tell us about yourself and your involvement in the competitive Shadowverse scene?

Maosama: I’m a 21-year-old college graduate from Palembang, Indonesia. I started playing Shadowverse during the early days of Darkness Evolved but it was only during the Starforged Legends expansion that I started to play competitively in community events. I’ve also finished third during the SEAO Shadowverse Chronogenesis Rotation Cup and champion for the Dawnbreak Nightedge Rotation Cup. I got picked up by Team Revelation shortly after my performance at the Chronogenesis Rotation Cup and the players there have been very supportive.

SVO: Currently you are tied in second place along with your fellow teammate Glow in the overall standings. Do the two of you have any special rivalry going on?

Maosama: The only weird relationship between us is that he loves Runecraft and I hate Runecraft. We’ve been pretty lucky so far, not bumping into each other in the early stages of the tournaments but one of us will tend to get knocked out just before we can have our rivalry match. Even though we’re both tied in second place, I hope that the both of us will continue to do well and hopefully the current leader will also lower his guard so that both of us can secure a seed at the Contender’s Cup together.

SVO: What are your preparations for tournaments like?

Maosama: I tend to observe the tournament scene in PAM and EU since they have their tournaments before us and it’s a great way to study the meta and see how decks stack up with each other. The recent Dawnbreak, Nightedge Take Two Cup was pretty stressful for me to fall short just before Top 8 or I would have taken the lead in the leaderboard.

SVO: How are you handling the pressure with more players catching up on the leaderboard?

Maosama: DIS Gomms’s recent performance just proved that he’s a player to watch out for with his consistent performances. He’s also a veteran competitive player who has been playing in other tournaments out of SEAO before we had a scene going on here. Speaking of consistency, MS Riripwn is another consistent player, finishing in the Top 8 almost every time. VS Styx has been performing well in the Dawnbreak, Nightedge season as well and with a couple more top finishes, he’ll be giving the rest of us a run for our money as well.

SVO: Will you be making any plans for the Shadowverse World Circuit Singapore that is coming up pretty soon?

Maosama: Yes I’m planning to participate since it is another way to try to qualify for the Contender’s Cup. I’m also looking forward to meeting other Indonesian players and hanging out with them along with my teammates from Team Revelation. Great chance to fanboy and watch Majin Obama cast up close too!

SVO: Any advice for new players who are just getting into the competitive Shadowverse scene?

Maosama: Watching live tournaments is a great way to try and understand matchups and don’t be shy to join tournaments. Practice makes perfect and you have nothing to lose from joining these tournaments that are free. Also don’t be reserved when it comes to asking questions. It’s always good to have discussions and clarify things instead of making assumptions.

SVO: Any shoutouts you would like to make?

Maosama: I would like to thank my good friend for introducing Shadowverse to me and that got me into the Shadowverse competitive scene. Also to Team Revelation for the awesome support and helping out with the tournament preparations.

To see Maosama’s earn his final victory in style, check out the match VOD below!