As we head into Week 3 of the Invitationals, we’ve compiled a list of the three decks each player will be using. Check them out, use them yourself, and watch them played live on Twitch!

DIS Underwear – Shadow, Haven, Dragon

Hacterox – Rune, Blood, Shadow

[MS] Noah – Rune, Shadow, Haven

Cure Mango – Shadow, Blood, Rune

[MS] JaZe – Shadow, Blood, Rune

ExG Gengur – Blood, Rune, Shadow

DIS Underwear – Shadow, Blood, Dragon

Cure Mango – Shadow, Blood, Rune

MS Sprayquaza – Shadow, Blood, Sword

HSK PancakeReaper – Blood, Haven, Shadow

Lest – Blood, Rune, Shadow

CpV.Botalz – Rune, Haven, Shadow

SN | Care – Haven, Blood, Rune

Dockhack – Sword, Dragon, Rune

MS Sprayquaza – Forest, Blood, Sword

CpV.Botalz – Rune, Haven, Shadow