This time we spoke with Noah – who is currently competing in the North American NSVO Invitationals. Noah qualified for Season 2 as the 2nd place champion from Season 1, while playing for ManaSurge. Be sure not to miss him compete in Week 3 of the NA Invitationals!

So, how about you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Noah – I’m 25, currently living in New York. I’m an international student from China, and I like to play CCGs.

What brought you into CCGs?

Noah – I think my first CCG was Duel of Champions, an online CCG from Ubisoft. Then I played Hearthstone, Faeria, and Magic Duels. A friend recommended Shadowverse in December 2016, I tried it out and found that it’s a really good CCG. I think the best part of Shadowverse is it’s a Japanese anime style CCG, and I love to watch anime.

When did you transition to playing Shadowverse competitively?

Noah – I think it was when I first competed in a Battlefy tournament, “ExG SEA/OCE Shadowverse Challenge”. Then Red – the team leader of ManaSurge picked me after the matches in January 2017.

How does it feel going into Season 2 as one of the three champions from Season 1?

Noah – You know at the beginning, that was not supposed to be my slot – I was surprised and excited. I didn’t get into the top 3 in the Season 2 qualifier in the first week, so I planned to compete in the following weeks. Then I was told I had a slot for the Season 2 Invitational. It feels so great.

How has playing in Season 2 been for you, with major changes like having a live camera feed on you?

Noah – The camera makes matches look more formal, and my movements and expressions are shown to the audience. Another change for Season 2 is we prepare our decklists each week for every opponent, and the lists will be played once. That makes the matches a bit more interesting.

Going into Week 3 you’re a bit of an underdog – do you feel like you’ll be able to turn things around and get into the top 3 of your group by the end of the Invitationals?

Noah РI lost twice in the past weeks. Now, the only chance for me to get into the top 3 of the group is to win all future games. When choosing what deck to play, there is always a kind of mind game between players. I went totally wrong in the first week. Technically, I believe I still have a chance to win the games. What I should do in these matches is not only avoid making misplays but pay more attention to my choice of decklists.

Are you doing anything to prepare for your matches?

Noah – I always check Shadowlog, a website where you can find Shadowverse statistical data. I learned what match-ups are favored and what lineups might work. And I also check some Japanese websites to find the newest ideas in decklists, then test them out with my teammates or on ladder to see if there are any improvements I can make.

Going into Week 3, who do you think we should be looking out for?

Noah – My teammate Jaze is the Season 1 Champion. He’s gone 2-1 in the past two weeks – he’s a very good player and always practices more than me. I’m always interested in his games, and I’m excited to see what he will bring next week.

If you place in the regional finals, what are you planning to spend your winnings on?

Noah – I haven’t decided yet. Honestly, due to my current score, I should just focus on the coming games.¬†:joy:

Lastly, any shoutouts you’d like to make?

Noah – Thanks for all the teammates that help me. ManaSurge is the best!