We are now halfway through the Invitational phase of Season 2! As our players duke it out to be at the top of their group, there have been some clear leaders in both EU and NA.

Tournament Results


The story of Europe is the story of HSK. Going undefeated for two weeks both Akamarured and Sizouney top the standings for both groups.

[Check out our interview with Sizouney here]

In the middle, we have Praetorian, Sheepy, Symphonus,  and Fatina. With each of them going 1-1 thus far, they’re all in danger of not making it to the Regional Finals if they can’t make it into the Top 3 of their group.

North America

In North America, no one team dominates the standings. Season 1 MVP Lest leads group B, while the Season 1 Champion, MS Jaze sits comfortably in 2nd in Group A. Meanwhile, the Season 1 second place Champion MS Noah is trailing in last for Group A.

Season Explainer

In case you missed how the Season works, we’ve created a quick explainer video laying out the rest of the Season.

Vial Giveaway

Congrats to our 3,500 Vial giveaway winners for Week 2!

EU Broadcast – Lexizexy

NA Broadcast – Asaringo

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Show Schedule

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