There’s now only one week left in the Season 2 Invitational – after which we head into the Regional Finals! Let’s get caught up!

Tournament Results


Despite Sizouney facing his first defeat in the Invitational Phase, both European groups continue to be dominated by members of HSK.

North America

On the North American side of things, our Season 1 MVP Lest continues to dominate with a 3-0 match score. Meanwhile, players like Jaze struggle to find their footing to stay in the tournament!

Season Explainer

Missed how the Season 2 Invitationals work? We’ve created a quick explainer video to help you get caught up!

Mid-Season Special

If you’ve been keeping up with our weekly schedule, you’ve probably been wondering what the Mid-Season Special is for some time now. Well we’ve finally got some more information to share! While we give our players a break before Week 4 of the Invitationals, we’ll be broadcasting an exclusive preview of the next Shadowverse expansion. Additionally, we’ll have interviews with some of the top North American and European players from this season, along with eXodium coming to us live from PAX West!

Showtimes are the same for this weekend, so be sure to join us on Saturday and Sunday at 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST)

Vial Giveaway

Congrats to our 3,500 Vial giveaway winners for Week 3!

EU Broadcast – Mudsaint

NA Broadcast – Mindsaber_

Want to win some Vials yourself? Tune in every weekend for more 3,500 Vial giveaways!

Show Schedule

Monday – Twitch – Mid-Season Special Day 1 Rebroadcast 7 PM CEST (10 AM PDT)

Tuesday – Twitch – Mid-Season Special Day 2 10 AM PDT (7PM CEST)

Wednesday –  YouTube – Mid Season Speicial Day 1 VODs 7 PM CEST – 2 AM CEST (10 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT)

Thursday – YouTube – Mid-Season Special Day 2 VODs 10 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT (7 PM CEST – 2 AM CEST)

Saturdays – Twitch – EU Broadcast 7 PM CEST (10 AM PDT)

Sundays – Twitch – NA Broadcast 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST)