We are halfway through the NSVO Season 2 Regional Finals! With one week left and only three players per region – we’re coming down to the wire to find our Season 2 Champions!

Tournament Results



Our final three European finalists are Fatina, Akamarured, and Essia!

North America

In North America, Jaze, Gengur, and Lest are still in the running to be our North American Champion!

Season Explainer

In case you’ve missed the story so far, here’s the format for NSVO Season 2!

Vial Giveaway

Congrats to our 3,500 Vial giveaway winners for Week 1 of the Regional Finals!

EU Broadcast – Vinicius

NA Broadcast – Freddy R

Show Schedule

Monday – Twitch – EU Regional Finals – Rebroadcast 7 PM CEST (10 AM PDT)

Tuesday – Twitch – NA Regional Finals – Rebroadcast 10 AM PDT (7PM CEST)

Wednesday –¬† YouTube – EU Regional Finals VODs 7 PM CEST – 2 AM CEST (10 AM PDT – 5 PM PDT)

Thursday РYouTube РNA Regional Finals VODs 10 AM PDT Р5 PM PDT (7 PM CEST Р2 AM CEST)

Saturdays – Twitch – EU Regional Finals Broadcast 7 PM CEST (10 AM PDT)

Sundays – Twitch – NA Regional Finals Broadcast 10 AM PDT (7 PM CEST)