After over 10 Weeks of fierce competition the Starforged Legends Season of the NGE Shadowverse Open has come to a close! Congratulations to our new European champion Fatina and the returning North American Champion JaZe who now has maintained his spot for three Seasons in a row!


In Europe Akamarured beat OnionSheep in the Lower Finals. After moving to the Grand Finals, Akamarured took Fatina to the bracket reset where Fatina defeated the EU Season 2 Champion 3-1.

North America

In North America, JaZe was knocked into the lower bracket after facing off against Underwear. In the lower finals, JaZe beat out Eplicas earning his spot in the Grand Finals. Once there JaZe reset the bracket for one final match against Underwear.

To hang onto his North American Champion title, JaZe went onto win in a stunning REVERSE SWEEP!

NSVO Starforged Legends Post-Show

Congratulations to our NSVO Starforged Legends Champions! Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow for our Starforged Legends Post-Show, and special announcement!