Howdy Shadowverse players!

I know people are probably wondering “What’s gonna happen with Shadowverse?” now that the Shadowverse Open seasons are over for the year. I want to talk to you guys about some of the other events that are coming up that you guys will be able to check out within in the community!

  1. Team Omnibus – Pauper League: Team Omnibus has been doing these pauper leagues for a little while and if you are new to Shadowverse, these tournaments are perfect for you! You don’t have to have a massive collection of golds and legendaries for these events because you are only allowed to use bronze and silver cards! As far as an alternative way to play Shadowverse is concerned, you will definitely be in for a lot of fun playing in this format!

Team Omnibus Battlefy:

Team Omnibus Discord:

  1. Team Revelation – Seekers of Mysteries: Seekers of mysteries has been one of the            longest running community tournaments in quite some time! They are usually doing a combination of rotation and unlimited events. They are usually timed to be EU friendly as well so if you have the time and need some practice getting better, definitely check them out.

Team Revelation Battlefy:

Team Revelation Discord:

  1. Team Dawnbreakers – Various Events: Team Dawnbreakers has been doing tournaments for a little while now as well. They tend to do more varied alternative tournaments such as only allowing a certain number of sets in their tournaments or something with a theme. Although they don’t regularly do tournaments all of the time, it is still worth keeping an eye out for when they do!

Team Dawnbreakers Battlefy:

Team Dawnbreakers Discord:

What about the rest of 2018? Will there be any larger open competitive events?

I highly encourage you guys to enter the wild card tournament this weekend! It is the *last chance* you are going to have to be able to try to get into the contenders cup.

Final Thoughts

Community events are what keep shadowverse competitive scene going. They are also less pressure to play in because the stakes aren’t as high as with the majors. This does not make them less important so if you have the time, I definitely suggest checking out those teams I mentioned above.

I also encourage the creation of more community tournaments! The more of them we can get going, the more people will have opportunities to play! Until next time!