Howdy Shadowverse Players!

Usually, when I write an article, I try to cover things related specifically to the Shadowverse Open. Well…not today! Today, we are going to deviate a little bit from the usual gameplan and talk about a deck that I had the privilege of casting on the English RAGE broadcast. Koalahana was one of the most charismatic players I have ever seen out of Shadowverse and I thought it would only great to pay him tribute and do a write up on his deck! Get the deck here!

General Overview

This deck is teched for success! Koalahana obviously knew what he would need to beat and came prepared. Although he was knocked out in the first round, he really showed us that you can indeed play whatever you want in Shadowverse!

The early game is pretty much what you would expect from Swordcraft. Running early drops and hoping to land a Mars early to take advantage of the stat buffs. His lower curve is also designed to work very well with Arthur, Knight King as well.

Moving toward the mid-game, we still see a lot of the same things that we would expect to see in Sword. Frontline Cavaliers and Jeno, Levin Vanguards to help keep the pressure on your opponent. Frontline Cavaliers are especially good against decks like burn rune because burn rune was one of the most popular decks on the day! There is obviously no surprise in seeing Luminous Mages or Albert’s however haha. They are hallmarks of Sword that he is running in triplicate.

The late game of the deck is where we start seeing some spice! Captain Walfried, Fangblade Slayer, Roland the Incorruptible, Hero of antiquity, Israfil and Bahamut make up the top end of this monster of a deck! Admittedly, of all the cards in this lineup, Captain Walfried was by far the most questionable of them, but the game he won with this deck, was actually due to Walfried!

Final thoughts

Although he didn’t win in the RAGE Grand Finals, I applaud him for coming there with a deck that honestly, NO ONE WAS EXPECTING! He was an awesome character and had a lot going for him and to be honest, I hope to see more from him in the future because man, anyone with that much charisma is someone I want to see more of!

It was an absolute privilege to cast his games and I hope more players follow in his footsteps and do something so whacky and out of the box! I understand players want to win, but this man wanted to win AND have fun all the same. I salute you Koalahana! Until next time!