The first week of the SVO: Brigade of the Sky Playoffs have wrapped up – and now only six players are left in the running for a piece of the $16,000 prize pool and the Contenders Cup slot.

We’ll find out who gets that slot in the Regional Finals next weekend, but in the meantime here’s what you missed this past weekend!


In PAM Tempo Storm’s Potwasher and Raindrop (now a part of Gravity Gaming) are leading in the winners’ bracket. Climbing from the losers bracket are Disastra’s Noire, Autoaim (now with Spacestation Gaming), Tempo Storm’s Crumsion, and Echo Fox’s Cure Mango.

Check out the full show below!


In Europe, two Austrian players hold the winners’ bracket, Himari and the SVO: DBN Champion Sheepy. Eladrin, Dawnbreakers’ Praetorian, Panda Global’s Akamarured, and Team Revelation’s Hishiro are fighting to keep their place in the losers bracket.

Catch the full broadcast below!

Wild Card Tournament

Trying to earn a Contenders Cup slot? Compete in the Shadowverse Wild Card Tournament for a spot and get one step closer to the World Grand Prix’s $1,000,000 prize pool.

You only need two decks to compete so anybody can enter and win. Signups are now open:

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