With over three qualifiers now behind us, some players have solidified their leads as they try to earn a spot in the Regional Finals.

There are still two more qualifiers still ahead of us, giving anyone a chance to compete and earn their own spot in the Regional Finals.


In PAM, Crumsion continues to dominate – earning his second qualifier win of the season. After suffering an early loss against Shinkai, Crumsion clawed his way out of the losers bracket defeating Shinkai in the losers finals. Once in the Grand Finals, Crumsion reset the bracket and took the win from Raindrop – in total winning four games in a row!

With this qualifier win, Crumsion has now earned enough points in 2018 to ensure his spot in the Contenders Cup by points, regardless of his placement in the Regional Finals.

Check out the full PAM show below!


In Europe, season favorite Himari was unable to keep his 2-week win streak going dropping off before the winners’ semifinals. In his place, 2017 WGP Finalist Akamarured stepped up to the plate, riding a wave of wins through the winners’ bracket to earn his first qualifier win of the season!

Here’s the full EURO show!


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