June 2021 Update

The dates for the Contenders Cup have been announced! It is as listed below:

October 9-10 2021: Contenders Cup SEAO
October 16-17 2021: Contenders Cup WEST

Furthermore, World Grand Prix 2020 qualifiers are also eligible for participation in this year’s Contenders Cup. However, in the case where a WGP 2020 qualifier wins the tournament, the eligibility to participate in WGP 2021 will be transferred to the runner-up.

Shadowverse Open is back for 2021! With a familiar format and a new competitive experience, we’re ready to welcome both newcomers and long-time veterans. Read on to keep yourself in the loop for the new season as it opens in February.

SVO 2021 in a nutshell

This year’s league is split into two major parts:

  • Monthly Cups: two-day tournaments that will be held every month from February to September in each region
  • Contenders Cup: two-day tournament to be held in October (per region)

The top 2 players across the Monthly Cup leaderboard will automatically qualify for the World Grand Prix.

8 players will qualify for the Contenders Cup, as explained below:

The Monthly Cup champions from the months of March, June, and September will be directly invited to be a part of the 8 qualifying players for the Contender’s Cup in October.

Apart from the 3 direct qualifiers, those who place top 3 to 7 in the League Point leaderboard (accumulated from the Monthly Cups) will also be invited to the Contender’s Cup.

Shadowverse Open Monthly Cups

This year’s Monthly Cup is set to begin in February 2021, with the following format:

  • Rotation
  • Best of 3, 1 BAN
  • Conquest

Each Monthly Cup is separated into three stages: Day 1: Swiss Tournament, Day 1: Top 16 Playoff Bracket, and Day 2: Top 8 Bracket. The League Point system is used for Monthly Cups, and players will earn points from Day 1’s Swiss Tournament, as well as Day 2’s Top 8 Bracket.

Day 1: Swiss Tournament

  • 5 to 7 rounds of Swiss-style tournament
  • Players with with 0 or 1 loss at the end of all rounds will proceed to Day 1:Top 16 Playoff Bracket
  • Players will earn 1 League Point for each round won

Day 1: Top 16 Playoff Bracket

  • All eligible players will engage in the first round of the single-elimination Playoff Bracket
  • Eight players will advance to Day2: Top 8 Bracket
  • No League Point will be given out in this stage, regardless of the match outcome

Day 2: Top 8 Bracket

  • Continuation of the Top 16 single elimination bracket
  • Day 2 will be broadcast live through our SVO Twitch and YouTube channels
  • Players will earn 1 League Point for each match won, and the champion of the Monthly Cup will be given 1 extra League Point
  • Players will also be given a cash prize based on their final placement

Shadowverse Open Contenders Cup

SVO 2021 will wrap up for the year with one final tournament that highlights the best players from both regions. In the Contenders Cup, qualified players will vie for the one last spot for their region in the Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021.

After the League Points are tallied at the end of September, 8 qualifying players from each of the WEST and SEAO regions will be invited to their respective Contenders Cup.

The Contenders Cup will adopt a double-elimination bracket, as well as the following format:

  • Rotation
  • Best of 5, No BAN
  • Conquest

Further details for the Contenders Cup will be announced towards the end of the Monthly Cups, so stay tuned.

At the end of the SVO 2021 season, 3 qualified players from each of the WEST and SEAO region will proceed to compete in the Shadowverse World Grand Prix 2021. The top 2 League Point earners and the Contenders Cup champion, alongside players from all over the world, will battle it to prove their worth.
A new season of Shadowverse Open is here for 2021, and we are looking forward to seeing more players joining in on the journey. Continued support and feedback from you has been an integral part of what SVO is today; we’re always aiming to make SVO a top-level esport for the community.
We wish everyone all the best in the coming months, and may the mulligan gods be with you.