The SVO: Dawnbreak, Nightedge European Champion Sheepy is back – earning first place in the SVO: Brigade of the Sky Unlimited qualifier and a shot at qualifying for the Regional Finals again!

SVO: For those of you who don’t know you what can you tell us about yourself?

Sheepy: Hi, I am OnionSheep from Austria and I play SV for Team Disastra, recently several people have been picked up by professional Organizations and for the most part, whether it being more motivated or other fundamental helps they received – BlessRNG – they experienced a boost in terms of performance. Most people in the scene know me pretty well already even outside of the western scene the Taiwanese scene also know me a little bit, since I speak fluently mandarin and got along well with people like EvilDark and I’m also invited to their Shadowverse Line Group where people like mistermist (World Circuit Singapore Champion) strategize about the game. Nonetheless, I was not fortunate enough to be picked up by any Organization so far and still on the outlook for it, so if anybody is still interested. :shrug:

SVO: How is competing in SVO now that you have already secured a spot in the Contenders Cup? Do you feel like you can relax more knowing you’re already in?

Sheepy: It’s the same as playing in the seasons before, I’m not just trying to win X or Y and be happy with it, I am trying to become the world’s best SV player and that journey never ends. I’m trying just as hard as I otherwise am, people within Disastra can probably confirm, I really do not tolerate someone who is putting in no effort and getting top placings and first of all, I have to keep to that promise myself. Also, my next immediate goal is getting into top cut for every eligible season and currently I am looking forward to realizing that goal.

SVO: What changed in the Unlimited Qualifier to get you to the top? Did you spend more time preparing for Unlimited over the other formats?

Sheepy: It’s hard to say what happened there, I was struggling with the Rotation Meta up to this point, for Unlimited I mostly resorted to my experience. I took Crumsions recommendation this time around because despite us usually having polar opposite opinions. He seems to have success this season and I don’t, so I took upon his advice and brought his line-up but with autoaim’s shadow instead of his (= more Atomy) and it turned out to be quite successful. Also, I was working closer with my local friend Skychael/Himari for Unlimited Week and I plan to do so again for the last week for the Final Sprint.

SVO: Do you have anything else you’d like to add before the final SVO qualifier this weekend?

My plan is to take SVO champion again, it is a good boost for Contenders Cup and a way to assert Dominance and send a message. Let Europe know who I am, let Japan know they better be prepared, let the world know I’m coming! Offline event help most players get in shape and I could clearly tell from my experience in DreamHack Tours. This is why I will be attending Montreal and people who want to see me life and cheer for me can expect to meet me there. For sure I won’t leave that Tournament without a Bang and a Boom so expect me to fight till my last drop of blood.:GWvertiPeepoChrist: See you at Montreal!