After resetting the bracket in the Grand Finals against his teammate Essia, Sheepy went onto win in an impressively close 3-2 win. We ask Sheepy about how he broke his “2nd place curse” to become the EURO SVO: Dawnbreak, Nightedge Champion, and what he’s doing to prepare for the Contenders Cup later this year!

SVO: To kick things off, tell us about yourself and your involvement in the competitive Shadowverse community.

Sheepy: Hi, I am OnionSheep a.k.a. as Sheepy from Austria, I represent Team Disastra and I have been playing Shadowverse shortly before it came out on Steam, and started playing competitively since December 2016. Back in the day in the ExG (Excelsior Gaming) Tournament and later on in the Western Premier Event NGE/SVO EU ever since it came out.

SVO: What got you into playing Shadowverse in the first place?

Sheepy: Kripparian. I used to play other card games and watched Youtube videos. I did, and still, do not, watch streams all that much but I consume quite a bit of VoD content.

I stuck to Shadowverse however due to the magic of combo decks (at that time) that drew me completely into this game, I do not dislike the Art or anything but it’s not the primary point for me to fall for this game, for me it was mainly the game mechanics, the cleverly implemented RNG, generally more enjoyable decks to play around with.

SVO: How did it feel to finally become Champion?

Sheepy: It was definitely a big boost for my confidence to finally break my “curse” of 2nd place. I still remember that I had shaky plays so I can’t say I am satisfied. There is still room to improve and I will try my best to prepare myself sufficiently for Contenders and WGP and represent EU properly. It needs has to be a Road without regrets and this is just the beginning.

SVO: Well for now, do you have any plans for how you want to spend your SVO: DBN winnings?

Sheepy: Everything to gf. And she can lock it up.

SVO: How did Disastra help support you this season? Do you feel that the team was integral to your success this season?

Sheepy: Oh absolutely, this is undeniable. When we reached the final stage it kind of became slightly awkward because of the high amount of Teamkills that are inevitable. But due to the sheer amount of talents on DIS we still had constant opportunities to go for high quality and high quantity scrims. There is also the split of NA and EU which have no conflict of interest among each other.

There are also class experts within our rows, for example: Essia on Forest, whom I worked with fairly closely for week 1, Omega and Underwear on Dragon, and despite not having qualified for the finals, some members are still around, passionately contributing to the team.

And even if I “outsourced” some of my idea factories a lot of credit goes to DIS.

SVO: Now that you’ve qualified for the Contenders Cup are you doing anything specific to prepare?

Sheepy: The preparation for that would be winning SVO:BotS EURO as well and winning DHMontreal, if I can make it there.

SVO: Do you have anything else you’d like to add or give any advice to aspiring competitive players?

Sheepy: 1) If you truly want to improve, do not blame it on luck or RNG, always look for your own mistakes, try to eliminate those. Nobody has never misplayed.

2) Remain humble, there is always someone better than you at X, let’s say that X is a craft or archetype, identify those people and if you are passionate about the game and come in with enough base knowledge those people will most likely help, and be even better be engaged with you in discussion.

3) Never give up, sounds so simple and easy but is pretty hard to do, you have to find a balance to not burn yourself out but at the same time if you lack the iron will and ambitions you will not reach the top and you also do not deserve to be at the top.

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